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Let’s rehash this year:

1. Gary finds out good friends are stabbing him in the back. Not only were they leaking info to folks here but they were signing bad deals on behalf of a CEO who was needing to focus on his health.

2. PCTL goes quiet.

3. Trap set…FIRED BOTH!

4. New CFO comes in and starts to fix books that have been screwed by said employees. Refiles all Qs and gets books back in order. He stays and doesn’t leave even though it’s a mess (CHALLENGE ACCEPTED he says!)

5. Warrants taken care of!

6. Joint Ventures announced (still waiting on details)

7. Revenues each quarter still positive even though cutting distributors due to their incompetence or poor deals.

8. Communications start to increase after all Qs filed and BACK CURRENT with no YIELD!

9. Multiple podcast to clear the air and start to lay future plans and revenues. Pretty sure future projections are conservative. Under promise over deliver.

10. Breakthroughs in Oil and Gas results. To include Nanogas Patent Tech, insane oil ratios for EOR, and potential breakthroughs in new proprietary equipment.

11. Expansion into hospital with 20+ machines heading out the door. If not more!

12. $2.25 mil equity financing announced

13. OTCQB application back in play.

14. Oil companies already looking to ink deals!

FIND ME ANOTHER PINK that is bringing in revenues and has made this many advances in one year. Writing is on the wall…holders are about to make some serious bank!