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Companies Located In: Canada
SymbolTierCompany NameCountryIndustry
ABEPFOTCQBVision Lithium Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
SOLCFOTC PinkSol Global Invts Corp.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
AXGCOTC PinkAxis Energy CorporationCanadaNot Available
CJREFOTC PinkCorus Entertainment, Inc.CanadaRadio broadcasting stations
NRBTOTC PinkNovus Robotics, Inc.CanadaMetalworkg Machinery & Equipment
SRLZFOTCQBSalazar Resources Ltd.CanadaMinerals, ground or treated
AZMCFOTCQBArizona Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
CYNXFOTC PinkCYON EXPL LTD.CanadaNot Available
EIFZFOTC PinkExchange Income Corp.CanadaNot Available
HVBTFOTCQXHIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.CanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
SUUIFOTC PinkSuperior Plus Corp.CanadaNot Available
TORDFOTC PinkToronto Dominion Bank (ON)CanadaCommercial banks, misc
WGMCFOTCQBWinston Gold Corp.CanadaMetal mining services
CWWBFOTC PinkCannabis Growth Opportunity Corp.CanadaNot Available
LEFUFOTC PinkLeons Furniture Ltd.CanadaNot Available
LXGTFOTC PinkLexington Biosciences IncCanadaSurgical and medical instruments
MRIRFOTCQBBMEX Gold Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
PNXPFOTC PinkPlanet Ventures IncCanadaNot Available
SUVRFOTC PinkModern Meat Inc.CanadaNot Available
XRTXFOTCQBXORTX Therapeutics Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
CDNAFOTC PinkCanadian Tire Corp. Ltd.CanadaAuto and home supply stores
DRIFFOTC PinkXiana Mining IncCanadaMetal Mining
ELRFFOTC PinkEastern Platinum Ltd.CanadaNot Available
INXSFOTCQBIntouch Insight Ltd.CanadaFacilities support services
MLLOFOTCQBMedallion Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
AGNPFOTCQBAlgernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.CanadaNonclassifiable establishments
CAXPFOTC PinkDistrict Copper Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CMLEFOTC PinkCominar Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
SRUTFOTCQBSproutly Canada Inc.CanadaNot Available
VVCIFOTCQXVivo Cannabis Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
VITFFOTC PinkVictoria Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
SEILOTC PinkSeilon, Inc.CanadaSigns and advertising specialties
BKAMFOTC PinkBrookfield Asset Management, Inc.CanadaNonresidential building operators
BROOFOTC PinkBrookfield Renewable Partners L.P.CanadaElectric services
GRYCFOTCQBGraycliff Exploration LimitedCanadaNot Available
LXXGFOTCQBLexagene Hldgs Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
NEVDFOTC PinkNevada Copper Corp.CanadaNot Available
NSRCFOTCQBNextsource Materials Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
OMMSFOTC PinkOmineca Mining & Metals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CADMFOTCQBChemesis International Inc.CanadaRetail-Miscellaneous Retail
CQRLFOTC PinkConquest Resources Ltd.CanadaGold ores
BROXFOTC PinkBrookfield Asset Management, Inc.CanadaNonresidential building operators
GGTHFOTC PinkGolden Goliath Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MXROFOTC PinkMAX Resource Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
AZZTFOTCQBAztec Minerals CorpCanadaGold ores
BKBEFOTC PinkPipestone Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
BRPHFOTC PinkGalaxy Digital Holdings Ltd.CanadaNot Available
VIPRFOTCQBSilver Viper Minerals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CDPYFOTC PinkCanadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
PEYUFOTC PinkPeyto Exploration & Development CorpCanadaNot Available
QSPWOTC PinkQuantum Solar Power Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
AZZUFOTCQBAzarga Uranium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GGXXFOTCQBGGX Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
NEVWFOTC PinkNevada Copper Corp.CanadaNot Available
RGCTFOTCQBHeliostar Metals Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
SPMTFOTC PinkSpearmint Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
TGLDFOTCQXTrillium Gold Mines Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
QTEYFOTC PinkQuesterre Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
ZMRKOTC PinkZalemark Holding Co., Inc.CanadaJewelry stores
POFPFOTC PinkPower Financial Corp.CanadaLife insurance
ZMSPFOTC PinkZecotek Photonics, Inc.CanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
NSRXFOTCQXNomad Royalty Company Ltd.CanadaGold ores
UBAAFOTC PinkUrbana Corp.CanadaNot Available
AXMIFOTC PinkAxmin Inc.CanadaNot Available
IOUFFOTC PinkIOU Financial IncCanadaShort-term business credit
ONEXFOTC PinkOnex CorporationCanadaNot Available
HHSRFOTC PinkHi Ho Silver Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
WHGOFOTC PinkWhite Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
CANQFOTC PinkCanaQuest Medical CorporationCanadaMedicinal and botanicals
CDUAFOTC PinkCanadian Utilities Ltd.CanadaNot Available
DRRSFOTC PinkArianne Phosphate IncCanadaMetal ores, misc
MLRKFOTCQBMillrock Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
QTRRFOTCQBQuaterra Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
SRSIFOTC PinkStrateco Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
AGQPFOTC PinkAlgonquin Power & Utilities CorpCanadaElectric services
CBBLFOTC PinkCBLT INC.CanadaNot Available
TOWTFOTC PinkTower One Wireless CorpCanadaPharmaceutical preparations
ELYGFOTCQXEly Gold Royalties Inc.CanadaGold ores
IBIBFOTC PinkIBI Group, Inc.CanadaNot Available
GHIFFOTC PinkGamehost, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NSUPFOTCQBNorthern Superior Resources, Inc.CanadaGold ores
VLDIOTC PinkValidian Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
FIORFOTCQXFiore Cannabais Ltd.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
SVCTFOTC PinkSenvest Capital Inc.CanadaNot Available
ARESFOTCQXArtis Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaReal estate investment trusts
GRNBFOTC PinkGreenbank Cap IncCanadaFinance Services
CMPYOTC PinkComepay, Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
CRPOFOTCQXCeapro Inc.CanadaNot Available
PWRMFOTC PinkPower Metals Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
SPONFOTC PinkSponsorsOne Inc.CanadaNot Available
HERTFOTCQXHeritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.CanadaNot Available
AKRFFOTC PinkAckroo, Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
MBAIFOTCQXCIBT Education Group, Inc.CanadaServices-Educational Services
SRSROTC PinkSarissa Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
POPRFOTCQXPopReach CorporationCanadaNot Available
SLFSFOTC PinkSun Life Financial Inc.CanadaLife insurance
SPOWFOTC PinkStrata Pwr Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
UBMRFOTCQBUrbanimmersive Inc.CanadaNot Available
TGIFFOTCQB1933 Industries Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
MBCFFOTC PinkItafosCanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
ZNNMFOTC PinkEEStor CorporationCanadaNot Available
BADFFOTC PinkBadger Daylighting Ltd.CanadaNot Available
GHVNFOTCQBGoldHaven Resources CorpCanadaNot Available
OMZNFOTCQXOsisko Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PWWBFOTCQBPowerband Solutions Inc.CanadaNot Available
WHSIOTC PinkWearable Health Solutions, IncCanadaCommunications equipment, misc
CLASFOTC PinkQuestex Gold & Copper Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
IPMLFOTC PinkImperial Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
MLYCFOTC PinkAmerican Cumo Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
RRRTOTC PinkR-Three Technologies, Inc.CanadaNot Available
SMBZFOTC PinkSimba Essel Energy, Inc.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
AMXEFOTCQXAmex Exploration Inc.CanadaNot Available
POROFOTC PinkPanoro Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
RGLSFOTCQXRegulus Resources, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VIVXFOTCQBAvivagen, Inc.CanadaNot Available
HITIFOTCQBHigh Tide Inc.CanadaNot Available
AXREFOTCQBAmarc Resources Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ONTRFOTC PinkBlackrock Oil CorporationCanadaManagement consulting services
TMTNFOTC PinkToromont Industries Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BKFPFOTC PinkBrookfield Asset Management, Inc.CanadaNonresidential building operators
TGOWFOTC PinkGreen Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.CanadaIndustrial organic chemicals, misc
CBWTFOTCQXAuxly Cannabis Group Inc.CanadaHealth and allied services, misc
TGODFOTCQXGreen Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.CanadaIndustrial organic chemicals, misc
CDYCFOTC PinkCardero Resource Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
RSASFOTCQBRESAAS Services, Inc.CanadaData processing and preparation
SEOVFOTCQBSernova Corp.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
FSXLFOTC PinkFosterville South Exploration Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MRVFFOTCQXNuvo Pharmaceuticals IncCanadaMedicinal and botanicals
VIZSFOTCQBVizsla Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
IPPLFOTC PinkInter Pipeline LtdCanadaNot Available
WMLLFOTCQBWealth Minerals Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
CRECFOTCQXCritical Elements Lithium CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
QWIKFOTC PinkQwick Media Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
VLMGFOTCQBViscount Mining CorpCanadaMetal Mining
ABSSFOTC PinkAirBoss of America Corp.CanadaNot Available
ELBSFOTC PinkEngagement Labs Inc.CanadaBusiness consulting, misc
ONCWFOTC PinkOncolytics Biotech Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
RYPPFOTC PinkRYU Apparel Inc.CanadaSporting and athletic goods, misc
CHOOFOTCQBChoom Hldgs Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ARHTFOTC PinkArht Media, Inc.CanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
ICBTOTC PinkICBS, Ltd.CanadaManagement consulting services
MYSLOTC PinkMy Screen Mobile, Inc.CanadaNon-Operating Establishments
QWTROTC PinkQuest Water Global, Inc.CanadaRefrigeration and heating equipment
LGDTFOTC PinkLiberty Gold CorpCanadaGold ores
DSGTOTCQBDSG Global IncCanadaComputer integrated systems design
FOSYFOTC PinkForsys Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
BAJFFOTC PinkCamrova Resources Inc.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
FTGFFOTC PinkFiran Technology Group Corp.CanadaNot Available
MIMNFOTCQBMimis Rock Corp.CanadaNot Available
ACDVFOTCQXAir CanadaCanadaAir transportation, scheduled
EMLAFOTC PinkEmpire Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ZPTAFOTC PinkSurge Energy, Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
BKIRFOTC PinkBlack Iron Inc.CanadaNot Available
INFFFOTC PinkIntact Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
MIMZFOTCQXNighthawk Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RYTTFOTC PinkRoyalty North Partners LtdCanadaFinance Services
TNYBFOTCQXTinley Beverage Co, Inc.CanadaBottled and canned soft drinks
JWCAFOTC PinkJames E Wagner Cultivation Corp.CanadaCrop planting and protection
KALOOTC PinkKallo, Inc.CanadaRetail-Miscellaneous Retail
SMDZFOTC PinkStrategic Metals Ltd. NewCanadaNot Available
ANCTFOTC PinkAlimentation Couche-Tard Inc.CanadaRetail-Convenience Stores
PXPPOTC PinkPhoenix Apps, Inc.CanadaCustom computer programming services
TPPRFOTCQBTop Strike Res Corp.CanadaNot Available
NSFDFOTCQBNXT Energy Solutions Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
SSCFFOTC PinkSmartCool Systems, Inc.CanadaRefrigeration and heating equipment
ASPCFOTCQBAcerus Pharmaceuticals Corp.CanadaNot Available
ELEMFOTCQXElemental Royalties Corp.CanadaNot Available
UCCPFOTC PinkUpco Intl Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
VLCJFOTCQBVelocity Minerals Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MMNGFOTC PinkMetallic Minerals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
BRVVFOTC PinkQuantum Cobalt Corp.CanadaNot Available
FTMNFOTC PinkLundin Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
PDTTFOTC PinkPreferred Dental Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
TOKIFOTC PinkTree Of Knowledge Intl Corp.CanadaNot Available
DSNYOTCQBDestiny Media Technologies, Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
PFSFOTC PinkPacific Software, Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
TAOIFOTCQXTAG Oil Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
FTMROTC PinkFortem Resources Inc.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
GILXFOTC PinkGitennes Exploration Inc.CanadaNot Available
MBRTFOTC PinkMBMI Resources Inc.CanadaFerro-alloy ores (except vanadium)
WNBDOTC PinkWinning Brands Corp.CanadaSoap and other detergents
ABXXFOTC PinkABAXX Technologies Inc.CanadaSecurity & Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services
INGXFOTC PinkInnergex Renewable Energy Inc.CanadaElectric and other services combined
TPRXFOTC PinkGran Colombia Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
DSOXOTC PinkTriton Emission Solutions Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
CHHHFOTC PinkCareRx Corp.CanadaNot Available
CRTPFOTCQXCardiol Therapeutics Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
LGLOFOTC PinkLink Global Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
VLEOFOTC PinkVoleo Trading Sys Inc.CanadaNot Available
CNNXFOTCQBCannamerica Brands CorporationCanadaNot Available
FLWPFOTC PinkFlowr Corp.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
GFGVFOTC PinkFast Line Hldg Inc.CanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
AHELFOTC PinkAmerican Helium Inc.CanadaIndustrial gases
EVLLFOTCQBEnviroleach TechCanadaMetal ores, misc
FTRPFOTC PinkField Trip Health Ltd.CanadaNot Available
NTGSFOTCQXGolden Predator Mining CorpCanadaMetal Mining
ARMZFOTC PinkAura Minerals Inc.CanadaMetal mining services
AZFLOTC PinkAmazonas Florestal LtdCanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
KATXOTC PinkKAT Exploration Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
RSRBFOTC PinkRessources Robex IncCanadaNot Available
ELIXFOTCQBElixxer Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SVRGFOTC PinkSeven Generations Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
WIPKFOTC PinkWinpak Ltd.CanadaNot Available
FNNZFOTCQBFincanna Capital Corp.CanadaMinerals, ground or treated
LTTSFOTC PinkLotus Ventures Inc.CanadaNot Available
NSPDFOTCQBNaturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.CanadaSalted and roasted nuts and seeds
WNGRFOTC PinkWeston George Ltd. (Canada)CanadaGrocery stores
BARUFOTC PinkBaru Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
FTRSFOTC PinkFortis Inc.CanadaElectric services
NGENFOTCQXNervGen Pharma Corp.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
PYNKFOTC PinkPerimeter Medical Imaging AI, Inc.CanadaNot Available
THBRFOTCQXThunderbird Entertainment Group Inc.CanadaMotion picture and video production
TRSSFOTCQXTerrAscend Corp.CanadaNot Available
CBGZFOTC PinkCabral Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
FTSSFOTCQXFirst Cobalt CorpCanadaMetal Mining
SVROFOTC PinkSilver Predator Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
BLFROTC PinkBlueFire Equipment Corp.CanadaDeep sea passenger transport, ex freight
CLLXFOTC PinkCallinex Mines Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
DSVTFOTC PinkDivestco Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
EMRAFOTC PinkEmera Inc.CanadaElectric services
MMTIFOTCQBMicromem Technologies, Inc.CanadaCustom computer programming services
GRSOOTC PinkGrow Solutions Holdings, Inc.CanadaManagement consulting services
CXXIFOTCQXC21 Investments Inc.CanadaBlank Checks
RAREFOTC PinkCanada Rare Earth Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
RSSFFOTCQBAffinor Growers, Inc.CanadaCorn
ACAZFOTC PinkAcadian Timber CorpCanadaNot Available
GTAGFOTCQBGolden Tag Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
HYHDFOTCQBHydro66 Hldgs Corp.CanadaComputer rental and leasing
MAIFFOTCQXMinera Alamos, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
VLNCFOTCQXThe Valens Company Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
TWOHOTC PinkTwo Hands CorporationCanadaBusiness services, misc
NSRPFOTCQXNovo Resources CorpCanadaMetal Mining
PRMRFOTC PinkParamount Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ANGCFOTC PinkAngel Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
DBCCFOTCQBDecibel Cannabis Co Inc.CanadaNot Available
RHHNFOTC PinkInternational Battery Metals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ARREFOTCQXAmerigo Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
DAUGFOTC PinkDesert Gold Ventures Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
DTEMFOTC PinkDitem Explorations Inc.CanadaNot Available
ICOTFOTCQBIco Therapeutics, Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
FLCXOTCQBflooidCX Corp.CanadaBusiness services, misc
GTBAFOTCQXGreat Bear Resources LtdCanadaMetal Mining
SLSDFOTCQBSelect Sands Corp.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
TRBMFOTCQXTorq Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
YDRMFOTC PinkYDX Innovation Corp.CanadaNot Available
GABLFOTCQBGABY INC.CanadaFood and Kindred Products
ACKRFOTC PinkAmerican Creek Resources, Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EMYSFOTC PinkEasy Technologies IncCanadaNot Available
VNCKFOTC PinkVictory Nickel, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ANGUFOTC PinkCanada One Mng Corp.CanadaNot Available
NTOXOTCQBNotox Technologies Corp.CanadaHousehold Appliances
GYNAFOTC PinkGuyana Goldstrike, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ACLDOTC PinkAcquire Ltd.CanadaReal Estate
ARSLFOTC PinkAltima Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
LGORFOTCQXLargo Resources Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
RSTRFOTC PinkRestaurant Brands International Limited PartnershipCanadaNot Available
GLATFOTCQXGlobal Atomic Corp.CanadaNot Available
MAKOFOTCQXMako Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
OONEFOTCQB01 Communique Lab Inc.CanadaNot Available
CEOSOTC PinkCeCors, Inc.CanadaHealth and allied services, misc
MCCRFOTC PinkMcCoy Global, Inc.CanadaOil and gas field machinery
PROBFOTCQBProbe Metals Inc.CanadaGold ores
ACCFFOTC PinkAccord Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
AHNMFOTC PinkArchon Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CHKKFOTCQBChakana Copper Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
OPCGFOTC PinkOrganic Potash Corp.CanadaNot Available
SLSSFOTCQBSolaris Res Inc.CanadaNot Available
AZURFOTC PinkAzincourt Energy Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
FQVLFOTC PinkFirst Quantum Minerals Ltd.CanadaMetal ores, misc
GGAZFOTC PinkGoldgroup Mining Inc.CanadaGold ores
WOLVOTC PinkWolverine Technologies Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RHRYFOTC PinkRhyolite Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
WKGFFOTC PinkWestkam Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BKRRFOTCQBBlackrock Gold CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
DSTFFOTC PinkDistinct Infrastructure Group IncCanadaConstruction - Special Trade Contractors
BLEVFOTC PinkBeleave Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
LGYVOTC PinkLegacy Ventures International Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
MCDMFOTC PinkMacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.CanadaCopper ores
OPSSFOTCQXOpsens, Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
ANKOFOTC PinkAngkor Resources Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GTGDFOTCQXGT Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
MALJFOTC PinkMagellan Aerospace CorporationCanadaSearch and navigation equipment
PEMIFOTCQBPure Energy Minerals Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
SRAFFOTCQBSandfire Resources America Inc.CanadaCopper ores
GGBXFOTC PinkGreen Growth Brands Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
CESDFOTC PinkCES Energy Solutions Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
VNNHFOTC PinkBelo Sun Mining Corp.CanadaJewelry, precious metal
ANLBFOTC PinkAnton Res Inc.CanadaNot Available
GTGEDOTC PinkG2 Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
MSNVFOTC PinkMission Ready Solutions Inc.CanadaNot Available
OPIEFOTC PinkESI Energy Services Inc.CanadaNot Available
PEMSFOTCQBPacific Empire Minerals CorporationCanadaCopper ores
NOBDFOTC PinkNorth Bud Farms Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
ARTROTC PinkAirTrona International, Inc.CanadaCommercial laundry equipment
IRNGOTC PinkInternational Ranger Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
TBDYFOTC PinkGordon Creek Energy, Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
BKTPFOTC PinkCruz Cobalt CorpCanadaNot Available
DSVMFOTCQXDiscovery Metals CorpCanadaMetal Mining
GTGFFOTC PinkGreat Thunder Gold Corp.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
NTTCFOTCQBNetcents Technology Inc.CanadaNot Available
PEMTFOTCQBThoughtful Brands Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
SRBBFOTC PinkVPN Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
WKSPOTCQBWORKSPORT LTD.CanadaMotor vehicle parts and accessories
ENCTFOTC PinkEncanto Potash Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CBDYOTCQBTarget Group Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
BKUCFOTCQBBlue Sky Uranium Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
MAMTFOTC PinkMcan Mortgage CorpCanadaMortgage bankers and correspondents
SLVRFOTCQXSilver One Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VMNGFOTC PinkVanstar Mining ResourcesCanadaNot Available
YGRAFOTC PinkYangarra Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
GGTTFOTCQBGTEC Holdings Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BBBMFOTC PinkHuntsman Exploration Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
EVTZFOTC PinkEvertz Technologies Ltd.CanadaNot Available
NTTHFOTCQXNeo Lithium Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
SLVTFOTCQXSilver Tiger Metals Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
CTABFOTCQBCanntab Therapeutics LtdCanadaNot Available
VRNDFOTCQXDelta 9 Cannabis Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
TBGPFOTC PinkTembo Gold CorpCanadaMetal Mining
BBBXFOTCQBBrixton Metals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
FLMMFOTCQXFilo Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
RIGMFOTCQBRidgestone Mining Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
ENDTFOTC PinkCanoe EIT Income FundCanadaNot Available
UEXCFOTCQBUEX Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
ATBHFOTCQBAston Bay Holdings Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
CRZHFOTC PinkRockwealth Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
ELRRFOTCQXEloro Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
GLDRFOTCQBIdaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc.CanadaNot Available
JGLDFOTCQBJAPAN GOLD CORPCanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
VSQTFOTCQXVictory Square Technologies IncCanadaNot Available
DTSRFOTC PinkEther Cap Corp.CanadaMotion picture and video production
GLDXFOTCQXGold X Mng Corp.CanadaGold ores
LIACFOTCQBAmerican Lithium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
THRBFOTC PinkTherma Bright Inc.CanadaNot Available
WLBMFOTC PinkWallbridge Mining Company Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CRRDFOTC PinkCheetah Canyon Res Corp.CanadaNot Available
ORAGFOTC PinkMonarca Minerals IncCanadaGold and Silver Ores
EVXXFOTC PinkEuropean Electric Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
FUNFFOTCQBFansUnite Entertainment Inc.CanadaNot Available
QCAAFOTC PinkQuinsam Capital Corp.CanadaNot Available
SMATFOTC PinkCanadian GoldCamps Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
TRGGFOTC PinkTarachi Gold CorpCanadaNot Available
BLAGFOTCQBBlue Lagoon Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
CHMJFOTCQBChemistree Technology Inc.CanadaManagement investment, open-ended
CNENFOTCQBClaren Energy Corp.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
FUNNOTC PinkAmfil Technologies Inc.CanadaIndustrial Inorganic Chemicals
INTAFOTC PinkIntact Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
KNBIFOTCQBKane Biotech Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
SRCXOTC PinkStonebridge Resources Explorations Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
DBOXFOTC PinkD-Box Technologies, Inc.CanadaNot Available
MNGGFOTC PinkMongolia Growth Group Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TOLWFOTC PinkTrican Well Service Ltd.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
UGDIFOTCQXUnigold Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
FLONFOTC PinkFlower One Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
NHMPFOTC PinkHoly Crap Brands Inc.CanadaNot Available
SAMMFOTC PinkSama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama IncCanadaNot Available
BBKCFOTCQBBIGG Digital Assets Inc.CanadaNot Available
GLGDFOTCQXGoGold Resources, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
LIFZFOTC PinkLabrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp.CanadaNot Available
RBTKOTC PinkZhen Ding Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
RIOFFOTCQXRIO2 LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
THURFOTC PinkThunderstruck Resources LtdCanadaNot Available
BLOZFOTC PinkCannabix Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
FRFHFOTC PinkFairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.CanadaFire, marine, and casualty insurance
KDKNOTC PinkKodiak Energy, Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
NTIOFOTC PinkNational Bank of CanadaCanadaCommercial banks, misc
TBTEFOTC PinkTwin Butte Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ACHFFOTCQBArch Biopartners Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
DMGGFOTCQBDMG Blockchain Solutions Inc.CanadaNot Available
ALLXFOTCQXCaldas Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
BXXRFOTC PinkExgen Resources Inc.CanadaCopper ores
CRSWFOTC PinkCrosswinds Hldgs Inc.CanadaNot Available
RUSMFOTC PinkRussel Metals Inc.CanadaMetals service centers and offices
ANTGDOTC PinkAdvantagewon Oil Corp.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
DTMXFOTC PinkDatametrex Ai LimitCanadaNot Available
GLIIFOTC PinkGlacier Lake ResourcesCanadaNot Available
QCXGFOTCQBQCX Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
SGLRFOTC PinkSpyglass Resources Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
WDDMFOTCQXWeedMD IncCanadaCrop planting and protection
CEXPFOTC PinkCache Exploration Inc.CanadaNot Available
HLRTFOTCQBHillcrest Petroleum Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
FUSEFOTCQBFuse Cobalt Inc.CanadaMetal mining services
GLIOFOTC PinkGold Lion Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
OPVLFOTCQBOptimum Ventures LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
ACRLOTC PinkAtacama Resources International, Inc.CanadaManagement consulting services
FRGYOTC PinkFrontier Energy Corp.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
LIMAFOTC PinkLinamar CorporationCanadaMotor vehicle parts and accessories
PGXPFOTC PinkPelangio Exploration Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
FRHLFOTC PinkFreehold Royalties LtdCanadaNot Available
ISDSFOTC PinkiSIGN Media Solutions Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
INTWFOTCQBSharc International Systems Inc.CanadaEnvironmental controls
KNDYFOTC PinkKenadyr Mining Holdings CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
MTEHFOTC PinkMaxtech Ventures, Inc.CanadaNot Available
PFFOFOTC PinkPortofino Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
QDROFOTCQBQuadro Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TRLFDOTC PinkTrue Leaf Brands Inc.CanadaDrugstores and Proprietary Stores
GRUSFOTC PinkGrown Rogue International Inc.CanadaComputer integrated systems design
RCCMFOTC PinkNippon Dragon Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
TORVFOTC PinkSaint Jean Carbon Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
CBULFOTCQBGratomic Inc.CanadaNot Available
WLRMFOTC PinkAloro Mng. Corp.CanadaNot Available
NTSFFOTCQXNanotech Security CorpCanadaOptical instruments and lenses
RVLTFOTC PinkRevolution Technologies, Inc.CanadaServices, misc
ACLLFOTC PinkAtco Ltd.CanadaNot Available
HLLPFOTCQBHello Pal Intl IncCanadaNot Available
SRHIFOTC PinkSRHI INC.CanadaNot Available
WKULFOTCQBWeekend Unlimited Industries Inc.CanadaInvestors, misc
TORXFOTC PinkTorex Gold Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ANXGFOTCQXAnaconda Mining Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MAVBFOTC PinkMav Beauty Brands Inc.CanadaToilet preparations
OQMGFOTCQXO3 Mining Inc.CanadaGold ores
CRVYFOTC PinkCanadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
MNRLFOTCQBMineral Mountain Resources Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
IVITFOTC PinkInvictus MD Strategies Corp.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
FVANFOTCQXFirst Vanadium Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
SRKZFOTC PinkSky Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
VNWTFOTC PinkVecima Networks Inc.CanadaNot Available
WLYYFOTC PinkWell Health Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
CFGMFOTC PinkCalifornia Gold Mining Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
GHRIOTC PinkGoliath Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NICLFOTCQBClass 1 Nickel and Technologies LimitedCanadaNot Available
NUPMFOTCQXNew Pacific Metals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
RKMSFOTCQBRokmaster Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
TIGCFOTCQBTriumph Gold CorpCanadaMetal Mining
TRNPFOTC PinkTransAlta CorporationCanadaElectric services
DCNPFOTCQBPsyched Wellness Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
GSUXFOTC PinkGolden Sun Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CBYDFOTC PinkCorby Spirit and Wine Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EXCOFOTC PinkExco Technologies Ltd.CanadaNot Available
LITOFOTC PinkFrontier LithiumCanadaNot Available
RKNEFOTC PinkOptiva Inc.CanadaNot Available
ULTHFOTC PinkUnited Lithium Corp NewCanadaMetal Mining
CMETFOTC PinkChilean Metals Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
BBSRFOTCQBBluestone Resources, Inc.CanadaCopper ores
FMANFOTC PinkFreeman Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
OREAFOTCQXOrea Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
QGLDFOTCQBQ-Gold Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
WLDFFOTC PinkWildflower Brands Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
ENRTOTC PinkEnertopia CorpCanadaMetal Mining
RVVTFOTC PinkRevive Therapeutics Ltd.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
WRPSFOTC PinkOro X Mining Corp.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
NXTTFOTCQBNamaste Technologies IncCanadaMedicinal and botanicals
FVVSFOTC PinkAranjin Resources Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
RKSCFOTC PinkRockshield Capital Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
SRMLFOTC PinkStorm Resources LtdCanadaNot Available
YNGFFOTC PinkVeris Gold CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
TCLAFOTC PinkTranscontinental Inc.CanadaNot Available
BLILFOTCQBBearing Lithium CorpCanadaMetal Mining
CNIKFOTCQBCanada Nickel Co IncCanadaNot Available
DDNFFOTC PinkAdamera Minerals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MKRYFOTC PinkManitok Energy, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ORFDFOTCQBOrefinders Res Inc. NewCanadaNot Available
TROUFOTC PinkTroubadour Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ULTXFOTCQBUltra Res Inc CDACanadaChemical and fertilizer mining
RVXCFOTC PinkResverlogix Corp.CanadaNot Available
SXNTFOTC PinkSixty North Gold Mining Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
TRPEFOTC PinkTC Energy Corp.CanadaNatural gas transmission
YNVYFOTCQBYnvisible Interactive Inc.CanadaElectronic Components & Accessories
BLITFOTC Pinki3 Interactive Inc.CanadaNot Available
BTCWFOTC PinkBluesky Digital Assets Corp.CanadaFinance Services
GUESFOTC PinkGuestlogix, Inc.CanadaNot Available
KNTNFOTCQXK92 Mining IncCanadaGold and Silver Ores
MTLFFOTCQBMetallis Resources, Inc.CanadaGold ores
PREIFOTCQBPrecipitate Gold CorpCanadaNot Available
SGRCFOTC PinkSan Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
MCUJFOTC PinkMedicure Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
DDWWFOTC PinkDividend Growth Split Corp.CanadaNot Available
IONGFOTC PinkIon Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MKTDFOTC PinkDeepmarkit Corp.CanadaData processing and preparation
TIMCFOTCQBTimia Cap Corp.CanadaNot Available
ORRCFOTCQBOroco Resource Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RCTFFOTC PinkRochester Resources Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
WSCRFOTCQBNorth American Nickel, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ATIXFOTCQBAnalytixinsight IncCanadaComputer related services, misc
CFPZFOTC PinkCanfor Corp.CanadaNot Available
HMENFOTC PinkHemisphere Energy Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
NULGFOTCQBNuLegacy Gold CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
ATLAFOTC PinkAltaGas Ltd.CanadaNot Available
DEEROTC PinkDeer Consumer Products, Inc.CanadaManagement consulting services
LKMNFOTC PinkLucky Minerals, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
NIKLFOTCQBNickel Rock Resources Inc.CanadaHolding companies, misc
FCSMFOTCQBFocus Graphite, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LKYSFOTC PinkNUMINUS WELLNESS INC.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
SRSCQOTC PinkSears Canada Inc.CanadaDepartment stores
HRVOFOTCQBHarvest One Cannabis Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
TRGCFOTC PinkTarget Capital Inc.CanadaNot Available
CFRIOTC PinkConforce International, Inc.CanadaWater Transportation
DDEJFOTC PinkDundee Corp.CanadaInvestment advice
RDEMFOTC PinkRed Eagle Mining Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
SNCAFOTC PinkSNC Lavalin Group Inc.CanadaEngineering services
BTEGFOTC PinkBaytex Energy Corp.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
EXNRFOTC PinkExcellon Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
NUVSFOTC PinkNuVista Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TRRSFOTC PinkTrisura Group LtdCanadaSurety insurance
BBIIOTC PinkBrisset Beer International, Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
FCUUFOTCQXFission Uranium Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
TCRRFOTC PinkTerrace Energy Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
DELCFOTC PinkDelic Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
HLTRFOTC PinkHLS Therapeutics Inc.CanadaElectronic Components & Accessories
RLGMFOTCQBWest Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VRCFFOTC PinkVictory Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GLVMFOTCQXGolden Valley Mines Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
MLGCFOTCQBM3 Metals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
NVARFOTC PinkNova Royalty Corp.CanadaNot Available
EVAHFOTC PinkEGF THERAMED HEALTH CORP.CanadaHome health care services
NUSMFOTC PinkNautilus Minerals Inc.CanadaCopper ores
ORVMFOTC PinkOrvana Minerals Corp.CanadaNot Available
AIRRFOTCQXAurion Resources Ltd.CanadaMinerals, ground or treated
EXPFFOTCQBExperion Hldgs Ltd.CanadaNot Available
IPCIFOTCQBIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
ORMNFOTCQBOrex Minerals IncCanadaMetal Mining
DWOGOTC PinkDeep Well Oil & Gas, Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
IESCFOTC PinkIntercept Energy Services, Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
GLDFFOTCQBGolden Leaf Hldgs LtdCanadaMedicinal and botanicals
CNMTFOTC PinkCanadian Metals Inc.CanadaNot Available
PGEZFOTCQBGroup Ten Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
QNCCFOTC PinkQuantum Numbers Corp.CanadaNot Available
SBDCFOTC PinkSBD Capital Corp.CanadaDistilled and blended liquors
BMKDFOTC PinkBiomark Diagnostics Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
DXAEFOTC PinkDoxa Energy Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
WSPOFOTC PinkWSP Global IncCanadaNot Available
AISSFOTCQBAIS Res Ltd.CanadaSecurity brokers and dealers
CNMVFOTC PinkCanoe Mining Ventures Corp.CanadaNot Available
KOOYFOTC PinkKootenay Silver, Inc.CanadaNot Available
SYHBFOTCQBSkyharbour Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
HSTRFOTC PinkHollister Biosciences Inc.CanadaNot Available
LLLIOTC PinkLamperd Less Lethal Inc.CanadaOrdnance & Accessories, (No Vehicles/Guided Missiles)
PSHIFOTCQBPetroshale, Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
TBPMFOTCQBTetra Bio-Pharma Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
AOTVFOTCQXAscot Resources Ltd.CanadaCoal mining services
GUYGFOTC PinkG2 Goldfields Inc.CanadaNot Available
KOREFOTCQXKore Mining Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MLKKFOTC PinkMercator Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ALXEFOTC PinkALX RES CORP.CanadaMetal Mining
CMMMFOTC PinkComstock Metals LtdCanadaNot Available
GKPRFOTC PinkGatekeeper Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
VRDSFOTC PinkViridis Hldgs Corp.CanadaWood products, misc
AOVTFOTC PinkAndover Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BCCCFOTC PinkBCE Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
BLNMFOTC PinkBlue Note Mining Inc.CanadaNot Available
NVGLFOTCQBNV Gold CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
VPHIFOTCQBValeo Pharma Inc.CanadaNot Available
YRLLFOTC PinkGlobal UAV Technologies Ltd.CanadaNot Available
FFRMFOTC PinkFuture Farm Technologies Inc.CanadaBlank Checks
TPRFFOTCQXGran Colombia Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BTKRFOTC PinkBlack Tusk ResourcesCanadaNot Available
EMOTFOTC PinkEmerita Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
EXROFOTCQBExro Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
MLLLFOTCQBENGINE MEDIA HLDGS INC.CanadaBusiness services, misc
ADGSOTC PinkADGS Advisory, Inc.CanadaServices-Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management
CADNFOTC PinkCascades Inc.CanadaPapers & Allied Products
LMEFFOTC PinkLaurion Mineral Exploration Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ORZCFOTCQXOrezone Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VREYFOTC PinkTorc Oil & Gas Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CSRNFOTC PinkCanstar Resources Inc.CanadaGold ores
HMCBFOTC PinkHome Capital Group Inc.CanadaNot Available
PRMNFOTCQBPrime Mining Corp.CanadaMetal mining services
BLPFFOTC PinkBlok Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
BTLLFOTC PinkNorth Peak Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
JNCCFOTC PinkJNC Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
RLPHQOTC PinkRailPower Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
IFCIOTC PinkIFCI International CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
ISVLFOTC PinkIMPACT Silver Corp.CanadaSilver ores
SNIPFOTC PinkSnipp Interactive IncCanadaServices-Advertising
APAAFOTCQBAppia Energy CorpCanadaNot Available
BCDMFOTC PinkKuuhubb Inc.CanadaNot Available
TRUIFOTCQBTru Precious Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
ASKDFOTCQBFirst Energy Metals Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
BMSPFOTC PinkBiomass Secure Power Inc.CanadaForest products
RYESOTCQXRise Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
WSTRFOTCQXWestern Uranium & Vanadium Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
YSSCFOTCQBYSS Corp.CanadaRetail-Miscellaneous Retail
IFCZFOTC PinkIntact Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
LMRMFOTCQBLomiko Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
VRSYFOTC PinkVMS Rehab Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
CHWWFOTC PinkChesswood Group Ltd.CanadaNot Available
JNEXFOTC PinkCuda Oil & Gas Inc.CanadaNot Available
LLNKFOTC PinkLiteLink Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
MBXBFOTCQBMicrobix Biosystems Inc.CanadaNot Available
NVOOFOTC PinkNovo Resources CorpCanadaMetal Mining
FLOOFOTCQXFlower One Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
CAGDFOTC PinkCenterra Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
LMRXFOTC PinkLaramide Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
NVDEFOTCQBNevada Exploration Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ATOXFOTCQBDurango Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
BCEFFOTC PinkBCE Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
CCIXFOTC PinkCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, (Toronto, ON)CanadaCommercial banks, misc
VQSLFOTCQXVIQ Solutions Inc.CanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
CSFFFOTC PinkCapstone Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
TRARFOTC PinkTeras Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ACUIFOTCQXAcuityAds Hldgs Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
BLSSFOTC PinkGold Bull Resources Corp.CanadaGold ores
CNONFOTC PinkCannaOne Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
GVXXFOTCQBGoviex Uranium IncCanadaMetal Mining
MLNLFOTCQXMillennial Lithium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GLBXFOTCQXGlobex Mining Enterprises Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LMSMFOTC PinkMaclos Capital, Inc.CanadaMeasuring and controlling devices, misc
MDINOTC PinkMedGen, Inc.CanadaNot Available
VNNYFOTCQBVinergy Cannabis Capital Inc.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
BCEPFOTC PinkBCE Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
IPOOFOTCQXInPlay Oil Corp.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
NKORFOTC PinkPalladium One Mining Inc.CanadaMetal mining services
ORTIFOTCQBOrtho Regenerative TechnologiesCanadaNot Available
QRMLFOTC PinkQuest Rare Minerals LtdCanadaMetal Mining
CMRZFOTC PinkCommerce Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BCEXFOTC PinkBCE Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
EMRRFOTC PinkOrogen Royalties Inc.CanadaNot Available
LMGDFOTCQXLumina Gold CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
MLORFOTC PinkMontello Resources Ltd.CanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
NKOSFOTCQXLabrador Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
RYSMFOTC PinkRoyal Standard Minerals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
ACWRFOTC PinkAcceleware Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BLTMFOTCQBBlue Thunder Mining Inc.CanadaNot Available
SMPBFOTC PinkBlocplay Entertainment Inc.CanadaNot Available
FECOFOTC PinkFEC Resources Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
ICLTFOTC PinkItasca Cap LtdCanadaMetal Mining
JOSMFOTCQBJosemaria Res Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
PIRGFOTC PinkGold Mines Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MYMMFOTCQBMYM Nutraceuticals IncCanadaAgricultural Services
KPIFFOTC PinkEdgewater Wireless Systems, Inc.CanadaCommunications equipment, misc
MDLHOTC PinkMedical International Technology, Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
SGSVFOTCQXSabina Gold & Silver CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
STKXFOTCQBStrikePoint Gold, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GMICFOTC PinkGenworth MI Canada Inc.CanadaInsurance agents, brokers, & services
BCCEFOTC PinkBactech Environmental CorpCanadaNot Available
DFLYFOTCQBDraganfly Inc.CanadaNot Available
DVVDFOTC PinkDividend Select 15 Corp.CanadaNot Available
LMLLFOTC PinkPHARMADRUG INC.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
SBLRFOTCQBSable Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ISOLFOTC PinkIsodiol International Inc.CanadaBeverages
DFMTFOTCQBDefense Metals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GARLFOTC PinkNetcoins Hldgs Inc.CanadaNot Available
VRRCFOTCQBVR Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
REGRFOTC PinkGraph Blockchain Inc.CanadaInvestors, misc
CNRIFOTC PinkCondor Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
LMNGFOTC PinkBioVaxys Technology Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
WOWMFOTCQXWow Unlimited Media Inc.CanadaMotion picture and video production
FEOVFOTC PinkOceanic Iron Ore Corp.CanadaIron ores
APGOFOTCQBApollo Gold CorporationCanadaNot Available
ENBBFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
HNCKFOTCQBGiga Metals CorpCanadaMetal Mining
SBMIFOTC PinkStratabound Minerals Corp.CanadaNot Available
VRSCFOTCQBValterra Resource Corp.CanadaNonmetallic mineral services
BCEKFOTCQXBear Creek Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BNGLFOTC PinkBengal Energy Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
WTSHFOTC PinkWestshore Terminals Investment Corp.CanadaNot Available
ENBFFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
GARWFOTCQBGolden Arrow Resource Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
SMRVFOTC PinkSmooth Rock Ventures Corp.CanadaNot Available
ORZWFOTC PinkOrezone Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
PRRMFOTC PinkPremium Income Corp.CanadaNot Available
SHGFFOTCQXSkylight Health Group Inc.CanadaNot Available
VRSSDOTCQBVersus Systems Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
MDRMOTC PinkModern Mobility Aids, Inc.CanadaDurable goods, misc
TREVFOTCQXTrevali Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
MLYFOTCQBWestern Magnesium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
QTGIOTC PinkQuark Technology Global Inc.CanadaBlank Checks
KHRNFOTCQXKhiron Life Sciences Corp.CanadaNot Available
CGNHOTC PinkCardioGenics Holdings Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
MDRPFOTCQXMidas Gold CorpCanadaGold ores
PKIUFOTC PinkParkland Corp.CanadaNot Available
PSYTFOTC PinkPason Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
ATUUFOTC PinkAltura Energy Inc.CanadaNot Available
GMPFFOTC PinkRF Capital Group Inc.CanadaNot Available
PRRVFOTC PinkProvidence Gold Mines Inc.CanadaNot Available
APLIFOTCQXAppili Therapeutics Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
CTARFOTCQBCentaurus Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
IGIFFOTC PinkIGM Financial Inc.CanadaNot Available
GATGDOTCQBGatling Exploration Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
LMSQFOTCQBLatin Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
NWGIWOTC PinkElys Game Technology, Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
QTRHFOTCQXQuarterhill Inc.CanadaPatent owners and lessors
KNRLFOTCQBKontrol Energy Corp.CanadaEnvironmental controls
BNKLOTCQBBionik Laboratories Corp.CanadaSurgical appliances and supplies
CANWFOTC PinkOrca Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
DGDCFOTC PinkDynasty Gold Corp.CanadaAmerican Depositary Receipts
GLKIFOTC PinkGreat Lakes Graphite, Inc.CanadaNonmetallic mineral services
ENCUFOTCQBenCore Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
KRKNFOTCQBKraken Robotics Inc.CanadaSearch and navigation equipment
NLRCFOTCQBNorthern Lights Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
ITMSFOTC PinkIntermap Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
UOMOOTC PinkUOMO Media, Inc.CanadaManagement consulting services
MUNMFOTCQBMundoro Capital, Inc.CanadaNot Available
FFMGFOTCQXFirst Mining Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
OVTZOTCQBOculus Visiontech, Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
SGYIOTC PinkStrategy International Insurance Group, Inc.CanadaRetail-Auto Dealers & Gasoline Stations
STRHOTC PinkStar8 Corp.CanadaComputers, peripherals, and software
AKTAFOTC PinkAkita Drilling Ltd.CanadaNot Available
DXIEFOTC PinkDXI Capital Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
PRSNFOTC PinkPersonas Social IncCanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
ASWRFOTC PinkGungnir Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CGRIFOTC PinkCanadian General Investments, LimitedCanadaMiscellaneous personal services
EQTRFOTC PinkAltamira Gold CorpCanadaNot Available
TRIIOTC PinkTrio Resources, Inc.CanadaEngineering services
NLVVFOTC PinkNew Leaf Ventures Inc.CanadaNot Available
SMTTFOTC PinkSun Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
TSDRFOTC PinkTsodilo Resources LimitedCanadaNot Available
REPCFOTC PinkRepliCel Life Sciences Inc.CanadaBiological products, except diagnostic
GXSFFOTCQBGoldsource Mines Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
TAALFOTCQXTaal Distributed Information Technologies Inc.CanadaComputer related services, misc
VSYSOTC PinkViscount Systems, Inc.CanadaCommunications equipment, misc
DIGAFOTC PinkDigatrade Financial Corp.CanadaWholesale-Beer, Wine & Distilled Alcoholic Beverages
AUCUFOTC PinkInflection Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
DYFSFOTCQXDynacert IncCanadaCogeneration Services & Small Power Producers
HNLMFOTC PinkHinterland Metals Inc.CanadaNot Available
KRRGFOTCQXKarora Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
MURMFOTC PinkMurchison Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
LFCOFOTC PinkLift & Co. CorporationCanadaNot Available
IGPFFOTC PinkImperial Ginseng Products Ltd.CanadaGeneral farms, primarily crop
SNRYOTC PinkSolar Energy Initiatives, Inc.CanadaSemiconductors and related devices
GBBGFOTC PinkGlobal Li-Ion Graphite CorpCanadaNot Available
GMVMFOTCQBGMV Minerals, Inc.CanadaNot Available
OSIIFOTCQBOsino Resources CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
VRYYFOTCQBThe Very Good Food Co IncCanadaNot Available
ASXSFOTC PinkElysee Development Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
IGXTOTCQBIntelGenx Technologies Corp.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
NWIFFOTC PinkNuinsco Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SHASFOTC PinkShamaran Petroleum CorporationCanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
CNTRFOTCQBCentr Brands Corp.CanadaNot Available
DGNOFOTCQBDiagnos Inc.CanadaComputer related services, misc
JRNGFOTCQXJourney Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
ERDCFOTC PinkErdene Resource Development Corp.CanadaNot Available
FFXDFOTC PinkFairfax India Hldgs CorpCanadaNot Available
WWPWOTC PinkWind Works Power Corp.CanadaCogeneration Services & Small Power Producers
AEGXFOTC PinkAecon Group Inc.CanadaHeavy construction, misc
ATADFOTC PinkATAC Resources Ltd.CanadaGold ores
DGPIFOTC PinkData Communications Management Corp.CanadaNot Available
TRMLFOTC PinkTourmaline Oil Corp.CanadaNot Available
AUIAFOTCQBAurania Resources, Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
BUROFOTCQBBurcon NutraScience Corp.CanadaNot Available
CNTTQOTC PinkCanntrust Holdings Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
ITPOFOTC PinkIntertape Polymer Group, Inc.CanadaConverted Paper & Paperboard Prods (No Contaners/Boxes)
SNTWOTC PinkSummit Networks IncCanadaProducts of purchased glass
TRMNFOTC PinkNEW WAVE HLDGS CORPCanadaGold and Silver Ores
BUSXFOTCQXGrande West Transportation GroupCanadaNot Available
CCWOFOTCQBCanada Silver Cobalt Wks Inc.CanadaGold ores
ENGMFOTCQBEnthusiast Gaming Holdings IncCanadaInvestors, misc
SNANFOTCQBSona Nanotech IncCanadaNot Available
BMOOFOTC PinkBlue Moon Zinc Corp.CanadaNot Available
CNUCFOTCQBCanuc Resources CorporationCanadaNot Available
DGTHFOTCQBDGTL Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
MCLDFOTCQBMCLOUD TECHNOLOGIES CORP.CanadaComputer related services, misc
OSSIFOTCQBOneSoft Solutions, Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
DGTWOTC PinkDigitalTown, Inc.CanadaComputer & Office Equipment
ECDPOTC PinkEco Depot, Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous general merchandise
FTMDFOTCQBFortune Minerals LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
MPUCFOTC PinkMoneta Porcupine Mines Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
PTEEFOTC PinkPlaintree Systems Inc.CanadaCommunication services, misc
SAPIFOTC PinkSaputo Inc.CanadaCheese;natural and processed
BMQZFOTC PinkBank of Montreal (PQ)CanadaCommercial banks, misc
EAATFOTC PinkEarthworks Industries Inc.CanadaNot Available
MMMRFOTC PinkMammoth Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RNRRFOTC PinkExploits Discovery Corp.CanadaNot Available
SNAVFOTC PinkStar Navigation Systems Group Ltd.CanadaSearch and navigation equipment
TKXHFOTC PinkTrackX Holdings, Inc.CanadaNot Available
FGOVFOTC PinkFreegold Ventures Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GWLIFOTC PinkGreat-West Lifeco, Inc.CanadaLife insurance
AUMBFOTCQX1911 Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MVVYFOTC PinkMoovly Media IncCanadaPrepackaged software
PHRRFOTC PinkNewscope Cap Corp.CanadaNot Available
QYOUFOTCQBQYou Media, Inc.CanadaServices allied to motion pictures
SSRSFOTCQBSilver Sands Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
CGXEFOTC PinkCGX Energy Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
NWPGOTC PinkNewport Gold, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
EACTFOTC PinkEarth Alive Clean Tech Inc.CanadaNot Available
GYSRFOTC PinkGeyser Brands Inc.CanadaNot Available
LNLHFOTC PinkLeanlife Health Inc.CanadaNot Available
NWVCFOTC PinkEnWave Corp.CanadaNot Available
TSKFFOTCQXTalisker Resources Ltd.CanadaIndustrial machinery and equipment
ATBPFOTCQBAntibe Therapeutics, Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
MEGEFOTC PinkMeg Energy Corp.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
SHERFOTC PinkSherritt International Corp.CanadaFerro-alloy ores (except vanadium)
STXMFOTCQBStarrex International Ltd.CanadaHolding companies, misc
RACMFOTCQBLoop Insights Inc.CanadaNot Available
RNSFFOTCQBRenaissance Oil Corp.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
TAKOFOTCQXDrone Delivery CDA CorpCanadaAircraft
URCFFOTC PinkVanadian Energy Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BMTLFOTCQBBeMetals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CDBMFOTCQBCordoba Minerals Corp.CanadaGold ores
IDKFFOTCQBThreeD Capital Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
PRZFFOTC PinkBoundary Gold & Copper Mng Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
TAKUFOTC PinkC2C GOLD CORP.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VSSSFOTC PinkVisionstate Corp.CanadaNot Available
LIBFFOTC PinkNova Mentis Life Sciences Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
BOAAOTC PinkBio-America Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
DIAAFOTC PinkDiamant Art Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
PTGEFOTC PinkPortage Biotech IncCanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
SCCRFOTC PinkProsmart Enterprises Inc.CanadaNot Available
TSLTFOTC PinkTransAlta CorporationCanadaElectric services
URAGFOTC PinkHPQ-Silicon Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
FUAPFOTC PinkGlobal Cannabis Applications CorpCanadaCustom computer programming services
MMRGFOTCQXMinaurum Gold, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ATCMFOTCQXAtico Mining CorpCanadaMetal Mining
CRXPFOTC PinkVERT INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.CanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
GLWAOTC PinkGlobal Water Asset Corp.CanadaAir, water, and solid waste management
GWSOOTC PinkGlobal Warming Solutions, Inc.CanadaNot Available
LOMLFOTCQXLion One Metals Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
BLKCFOTC PinkGlobal Gaming Technologies Corp.CanadaFinance Services
BDIMFOTC PinkBlack Diamond Group LtdCanadaNot Available
BVNNFOTCQBBevcanna Enterprises Inc.CanadaNot Available
CDELFOTC PinkCandelaria Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
NMTLFOTCQBNew Age Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LONCFOTCQXLoncor Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
COBAFOTC PinkInternational Cobalt Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CTNXFOTC PinkCornerstone Capital Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
IRVRFOTCQXIrving Resources IncCanadaNot Available
MWXRFOTCQBMineworx Technologies Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
HPMCFOTC PinkAfrica Energy Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
URNAFOTC PinkUrbana Corp.CanadaNot Available
AURQFOTC PinkAurelius Minerals Inc.CanadaNot Available
COBCFOTC PinkCobalt Blockchain Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
ECORFOTC PinkElcora Advanced Materials Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
NWUCOTC PinkNationwide Utilities Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
URPTFOTC PinkUranium Participation Corp.CanadaHolding companies, misc
BVTEFOTC PinkIconic Minerals LtdCanadaNot Available
GBLEFOTC PinkGlobal Energy Metals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
HOILFOTCQBHunter Technology Corp.CanadaServices-Miscellaneous Business Services
SSVFFOTCQBSouthern Silver Exploration Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
URLOFOTC PinkNameSilo Technologies Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
AETUFOTC PinkArc Resources Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
BDRAFOTCQXBombardier Inc.CanadaAircraft
FNLIFOTC PinkFirst National Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
KSSRFOTC PinkKesselrun Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SSVRFOTCQBSumma Silver Corp.CanadaNot Available
BDRBFOTCQXBombardier Inc.CanadaAircraft
MRDDFOTC PinkOutcrop Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
NWWTFOTC PinkNewnote Financial Corp.CanadaFinance Services
VVDBOTC PinkViaVid Broadcasting, Inc.CanadaNot Available
BNAUFOTCQXBattle North Gold CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
KSTBFOTC PinkKestrel Gold, Inc.CanadaNot Available
MMTMFOTC PinkMonument Mining Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TSPOOTC PinkCrank Media IncCanadaPrepackaged software
KOGMFOTC PinkKilo Goldmines Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SUIFFOTC PinkSuperior Mining International Corp.CanadaNot Available
ENRFFOTC PinkEnerflex, Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TSRMFOTCQXTreasury Metals Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ATGFFOTC PinkAltaGas Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EBBNFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
MXGFFOTC PinkMaxim Power Corp.CanadaTransformers, except electric
BNCHFOTCQXBenchmark Metals Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
MCURFOTCQBMind Cure Health Inc.CanadaNot Available
MXLGFOTC PinkMX Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
PIFYFOTC PinkPine Cliff Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
RAKROTC PinkRainmaker Worldwide Inc.CanadaWater supply
STACFOTC PinkPortex Minerals Inc.CanadaNot Available
SAWLFOTC PinkShawCor Ltd.CanadaOil and gas field machinery
ENTEFOTCQBESE Entertainment Inc.CanadaNot Available
GBOKFOTC PinkGreenbrook TMS Inc.CanadaNot Available
SNHROTC PinkSeguin Natural Hair Products Inc.CanadaToilet preparations
TARSFOTC PinkAlianza Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MEDIFOTCQXMedipharm Labs CorporationCanadaNot Available
DIIBFOTC PinkDorel Industries, Inc.CanadaWood household furniture
HRALOTC PinkHear AtLast Holdings, Inc.CanadaHealth and allied services, misc
IVFZFOTC PinkInvictus Financial Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
PLSDFOTCQXPulse Seismic Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
SOGFFOTC PinkStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
EBGEFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
ISENFOTCQXIsoEnergy Ltd.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
JTCMFOTC PinkJetcom Inc.CanadaNot Available
ECSNFOTC PinkEcosynthetix, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NGPHFOTCQBNorthern Graphite Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
PALSOTC, Inc.CanadaMortgage bankers and correspondents
SOHFFOTC PinkTelson Mng. Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
XFLSOTC PinkXfuels Inc.CanadaLumber and other building materials
APYRFOTC PinkAllied Properties Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaReal estate investment trusts
KTGDFOTCQBK2 Gold CorpCanadaNot Available
CBBBOTC PinkContinental Beverage Brands CorporationCanadaBeverages
FINGFOTC PinkFinning International Inc.CanadaIndustrial machinery and equipment
GYSLFOTC PinkEco Oro Minerals CorpCanadaMetal ores, misc
ATHOFOTC PinkAthabasca Oil Corp.CanadaNot Available
CNMXFOTC PinkCanamex Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
PTOSOTC PinkP2 Solar, Inc.CanadaPolishes and sanitation goods
AUXRFOTC PinkAUX Resources CorpCanadaNot Available
BNEFFOTC PinkBonterra Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
OVATFOTC PinkOvation Science Inc.CanadaNot Available
ROGFFOTCQXRoxgold Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MGWFFOTCQBMaple Leaf Green World, Inc.CanadaForest products
HREEFOTC PinkStans Energy Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
MFCSFOTC PinkMedical Facilities Corp.CanadaSpecialty hospitals, except psychiatric
NGUGFOTC PinkNew Guinea Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
AUXXFOTCQXAllegiant Gold Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CTSDFOTCQXConverge Technology Solutions CorporationCanadaElectronic computers
MXVDFOTC PinkCarbon Streaming CorporationCanadaNot Available
NNOMFOTC PinkNano One Materials Corp.CanadaNot Available
NXOPFOTCQBNexOptic Technology CorpCanadaOptical instruments and lenses
BOPFFOTC PinkBorder Petroleum Corp.CanadaNot Available
CBCAOTC PinkCrown Baus Capital Corp.CanadaServices-Personal Services
IVPAFOTCQXIvanhoe Mines Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
LQRCFOTC PinkBlack Mammoth Metals CorpCanadaMetal Mining
EBRGFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
MNDJFOTCQBMandalay Resources Corp.CanadaGold ores
ATLDFOTC PinkAtlanta Gold Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
FVGCFOTC PinkFire River Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GZDIFOTCQBGrizzly Discoveries Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LQSIFOTC PinkAlcanna Inc.CanadaNot Available
JUGRFOTC PinkJuggernaut Expl. Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
KTNNFOTC PinkPEAKBIRCH LOGIC INC.CanadaLead and zinc ores
SHVLFOTCQBStarcore International Mines, Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
CNNEFOTCQXCanacol Energy Ltd.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
FVPIOTC PinkFV Pharma International Corp.CanadaDrugs, proprietaries, and sundries
TGTMFOTC PinkTargeted Microwave Solutions Inc.CanadaIndustrial furnaces and ovens
ALLIFOTC PinkAlpha Lithium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CDTAFOTCQBCarl Data Solutions, Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
EBRZFOTC PinkEnbridge Inc.CanadaPipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
IKTOOTC PinkiTokk, Inc.CanadaCommunication services, misc
LRCDFOTC PinkLaurentian Bank of CanadaCanadaCommercial banks, misc
AVCNFOTCQXAvicanna Inc.CanadaNot Available
IFCPFOTC PinkIntact Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
USGDFOTCQBAmerican Pacific Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
AVCRFOTC PinkAvricore Health Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
LOVFFOTCQBCannara Biotech Inc.CanadaNot Available
USHAFOTCQBUsha Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
DJIFFOTC PinkDajin Lithium Corp.CanadaChemical and fertilizer mining
GMPXFOTC PinkRF Capital Group Inc.CanadaNot Available
XMTTFOTC PinkXmet, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
HANNFOTC PinkHannan Metals, Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
FISOFOTCQBFission 3.0 CorpCanadaNot Available
NXTFFOTC PinkNextraction Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
THCBFOTCQXTHC BioMed Intl Ltd.CanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
BECEFOTC PinkBCE Inc.CanadaTelephone communication, except radio
NNXPFOTCQXNanoxplore Inc.CanadaPlastics materials and resins
PTSRFOTC PinkPartners Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaReal estate investment trusts
ADTFFOTC PinkImetal Res Inc.CanadaNot Available
FNNGFOTC PinkFanlogic Interactive IncCanadaMiscellaneous publishing
GOCOFOTCQBGo Metals Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
OWRDFOTCQBOne World Lithium Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
MGAFFOTC PinkMega Uranium Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SBFMOTC PinkSunshine Biopharma Inc.CanadaCommercial physical research
ISRJFOTCQBGen III Oil CorporationCanadaGold ores
ROVMFOTCQBRover Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
MMNFFOTCQXMedmen Enterprises Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
HADVOTC PinkHealth Advance IncCanadaRetail-Retail Stores, NEC
FNQQFOTC PinkFineqia Intl IncCanadaNot Available
GCFFFOTC PinkGoldcliff Resource Corp.CanadaNot Available
WSRRFOTCQBHarrys Manufacturing Inc.CanadaTobacco Products
MMJFFOTCQBMatica Enterprises IncCanadaChemical and fertilizer mining
ESVIFOTC PinkEnsign Energy Services Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
NHVCFOTC PinkNorthern Vertex Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
ARBTFOTCQBArgo Gold IncCanadaNot Available
BXDIFOTC PinkBrookfield Asset Management, Inc.CanadaNonresidential building operators
JUVAFOTCQBJuva Life Inc.CanadaNot Available
AMYZFOTC PinkAmerican Manganese Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
HRUFFOTC PinkH & R Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
AVGDFOTCQBAvidian Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
CTXXFOTCQBCematrix CorpCanadaConcrete products, misc
IFRTFOTC PinkInternational Frontier Resources Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
LPPPFOTC PinkLoopshare Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BOWFFOTC PinkBoardwalk Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
EDTXFOTC PinkSpectral Medical Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
MRQRFOTCQXMonarch Gold CorporationCanadaGold and Silver Ores
ALMTFOTCQXAlmonty Industries Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
COLUFOTC PinkColossus Minerals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
IFTPFOTC PinkIntact Financial Corp.CanadaNot Available
LPSIFOTC PinkLegend Power Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
MYRYOTC PinkMyriad Interactive Media, Inc.CanadaData processing and preparation
CNRROTC PinkCN Resources, Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
PAUFFOTC PinkShine Minerals Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CNSNFOTCQXConstantine Metal Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
EDWZFOTC PinkEdgewater Exploration Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
SVBLOTCQBSilver Bull Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PKLBFOTCQBPerk Labs Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
TMASFOTCQBTemas Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
ADVZFOTCQXAdventus Mng Corp.CanadaLead and zinc ores
KUYAFOTCQBKuya Silver Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MNLCFOTC PinkManulife Financial Corp.CanadaLife insurance
CNSWFOTC PinkConstellation Software, Inc.CanadaNot Available
HSCHFOTCQBH-Source Holdings Ltd.CanadaHealth and allied services, misc
NYWKFOTC PinkNTG Clarity Networks Inc.CanadaNot Available
CECBFOTC PinkCellcube Energy Storage Sys Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
MNLFFOTC PinkManulife Financial Corp.CanadaLife insurance
SICNFOTCQBSokoman Minerals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
ANCUFOTC PinkAlimentation Couche-Tard Inc.CanadaRetail-Convenience Stores
PAXHOTC PinkPreAxia Health Care Payment Systems, Inc.CanadaRetail-Home Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment Stores
FCTIOTC PinkFact Inc.CanadaWholesale-Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
ATSAFOTC PinkATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
DLIIOTC PinkDixie Lee International Industries, Inc.CanadaPrefabricated wood buildings
USTCOTC PinkUSA Real Estate Holding CoCanadaNonresidential building operators
COPRFOTC PinkQuestcap Inc.CanadaNot Available
ECNCFOTC PinkECN Capital Corp.CanadaNot Available
KWEMFOTC PinkKwesst Micro Systems Inc.CanadaNot Available
MNNFFOTC PinkMinfocus Expl. Corp.CanadaNot Available
ZNCXFOTC PinkZincx Res Corp.CanadaNot Available
AGDXFOTC PinkAntioquia Gold IncCanadaMetal Mining
ATTBFOTC PinkAbattis Bioceuticals Corp.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
CTTHOTC PinkCTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MRRCFOTC PinkWayland Group Corp.CanadaDrugstores and Proprietary Stores
GOPPFOTC PinkGourmet Ocean Products Inc.CanadaNot Available
TTEZOTC Pink3AM TECHNOLOGIES INC.CanadaElectronic Components & Accessories
NDVAFOTCQXIndiva Ltd.CanadaMetal ores, misc
CNTOOTC PinkCentor Energy, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
EENCOTC PinkEmergent Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
LTCCFOTC PinkLite Access Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
BENZFOTC PinkBenz Mining CorpCanadaLead and zinc ores
GORAFOTC PinkGoldrea Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PAASFOTC PinkPan American Silver Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
WTCZFOTC PinkCopper Lake Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
AGEEFOTCQBHalo Labs Inc.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
ATURFOTCQBSixth Wave Innovations IncCanadaNot Available
XTPTOTC PinkXtra Energy Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
EPWCFOTC PinkEmpower Clinics Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
FDCFFOTC PinkForum Energy Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
FORFFOTC PinkFortis Inc.CanadaElectric services
GORIFOTC PinkGolden Ridge ResourcesCanadaNot Available
ATUSFOTCQXAltius Minerals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CNVTOTC PinkCVF Technologies Corp.CanadaInvestors, misc
ETEKOTC PinkEco-Tek Group, Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous Products of Petroleum & Coal
MRZLFOTC PinkMirasol Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
PMTYFOTC PinkPlaymates Toys Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MNQFFOTC PinkManulife Financial Corp.CanadaLife insurance
PACRFOTCQBPac Roots Cannabis Corp.CanadaNot Available
PTALFOTC PinkPetrotal Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous marine products
WTHVFOTC PinkWesthaven Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ARFXFOTCQBPromis Neurosciences IncCanadaCommercial physical research
BNVIFOTCQBBinovi Technologies Corp.CanadaCommercial physical research
EPYFFOTC PinkE-Play Digital IncCanadaNot Available
LRGROTC PinkLuminar Media Group, Inc.CanadaServices-Personal Services
NOPMFOTC PinkNeo Performance Materials Inc.CanadaNot Available
SNRGOTCQBSusglobal Energy Corp.CanadaRefuse systems
IMAHFOTC PinkI-Minerals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
MGPHFOTCQXMason Graphite Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous nonmetallic mining
PACXFOTC PinkPacton Gold, Inc.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
RQHTFOTC PinkReliq Health Technologies Inc.CanadaComputer related services, misc
NOSUFOTCQBNerds On Site Inc.CanadaNot Available
AGGZFOTC PinkAG Growth International Inc.CanadaGrain Mill Products
OILFFOTCQBNEXTLEAF SOLUTIONS Ltd.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
PBEGFOTC PinkTouchstone Exploration Inc.CanadaNot Available
ALRGFOTC PinkAntler Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
ECRFFOTC PinkCartier Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
GOTRFOTCQBGoliath Resources Ltd.CanadaGold ores
NORZFOTCQBNorzinc Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
BEVVFOTCQBBee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.CanadaAgricultural chemicals, misc
RIINFOTCQBBraveheart Resources Inc.CanadaGold ores
NXXGFOTCQBNexus Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
BETRFOTCQBBETTERLIFE PHARMA INC.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
BYLTFOTC PinkBaylin Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
MNUFFOTC PinkManulife Financial Corp.CanadaLife insurance
NABIFOTCQBNabis Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
CERGFOTC PinkCeres Global Ag Corp.CanadaNot Available
LRTNFOTC PinkPure Gold Mining, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
TCANFOTC PinkTC Energy Corp.CanadaNatural gas transmission
UURADOTCQXUcore Rare Metals, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
FLURFOTCQBFluroTech Ltd.CanadaNot Available
NRXCFOTCQBNeutrisci Intl IncCanadaMetal ores, misc
ANLDFOTCQBAnfield Energy Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
CNYCFOTC PinkSearchlight Res Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
EEYUFOTC PinkEssential Energy Services Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EMHTFOTCQXEmerald Health Therapeutics Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
RIOCFOTC PinkRiocan Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
SPAZFOTC PinkSpanish Mountain Gold Ltd.CanadaNot Available
HRFEFOTC PinkHarfang Expl Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
LRTTDOTC PinkLiberty One Lithium Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
ETPHFOTC PinkAgriminco Corp.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
GALKFOTC PinkGalantas Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
PNCKFOTC PinkGALLEON GOLD CORP.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
CUTLFOTC PinkCanadian Utilities Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EQMEFOTCQBEquity Metals CorporationCanadaNot Available
OBELFOTCQXObsidian Energy Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
BEWFFOTCQBBeWhere Holdings Inc.CanadaServices-Miscellaneous Business Services
MNXXFOTC PinkManganese X Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
OBGRFOTC PinkOrbit Garant Drilling, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ZPASOTCQBZoompass Holdings, Inc.CanadaData processing and preparation
SVLTOTC PinkSunvault Energy, Inc.CanadaElectric and other services combined
GDMIDOTC PinkGoldstar Minerals Inc.CanadaNot Available
IGSTFOTC PinkINSURAGUEST TECHNOLOGIES INC.CanadaInsurance agents, brokers, & services
RCIAFOTC PinkRogers Communications, Inc.CanadaCable and pay television services
RRRLFOTCQBRockridge Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
STLHFOTCQXStandard Lithium Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
ZPHYFOTC PinkZephyr Minerals LtdCanadaGold and Silver Ores
CVALFOTCQXCovalon Technologies Ltd.CanadaServices-Health Services
OBNNFOTC PinkOsisko Mng IncCanadaMetal Mining
AVPMDOTC PinkAvrupa Minerals, Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
CLGCFOTC PinkClarity Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
EQTXFOTC PinkLake Winn Resources CorpCanadaCopper ores
FDMSFOTCQBFandom Sports Media Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
GDMRFOTC PinkGolden Dawn Minerals, Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
TCFFOTC PinkTrillion Energy International Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
AGPLOTC PinkApple Green Holding, Inc.CanadaLessors of Real Property, NEC
BFGCOTCQBBullfrog Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GAPFFOTC PinkAimia, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NKRSFOTC PinkNiko Resources Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
CLGDFOTC PinkCaldas Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
SNVVFOTC PinkStep Energy Svcs Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TTSRFOTC PinkTartisan Nickel Corp.CanadaNot Available
BMMJOTCQBBody and Mind Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
CHNUFOTCQBChina Education Resources, Inc.CanadaServices-Educational Services
CLGUFOTC PinkCloud Nine Education Group Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MOBIFOTC PinkMOBI724 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INCCanadaComputers, peripherals, and software
STMDFOTC PinkStartMonday Technology Corp.CanadaNot Available
AUNFFOTCQXAurcana Silver CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
AVRTFOTC PinkAvarone Metals IncCanadaMetal Mining
CVGRFOTCQBCity View Green Hldgs Inc.CanadaNot Available
BRBMFOTC PinkBig Rock Brewery Inc.CanadaNot Available
CBWBFOTC PinkCanadian Western Bank (Edmonton, AB)CanadaForeign bank and branches and agencies
COGLFOTC PinkChelsea Oil and Gas Ltd.CanadaOil Royalty traders
STMGFOTC PinkStamper Oil & Gas CorpCanadaOil and gas exploration services
WVMDFOTCQXWest Vault Mining Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GNTOFOTC PinkGentor Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PRCNFOTC PinkPure Global Cannabis Inc.CanadaNot Available
SIOCFOTC PinkEnduro Metals CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
UWEFFOTC PinkU3O8 Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
DMEHFOTCQBDesert Mtn Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
EQXWFOTC PinkEquinox Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
FDVRFOTCQXFacedrive Inc.CanadaNot Available
NPDCFOTCQBNew Placer Dome Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
LUCRFOTC PinkLucara Diamond Corp.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
ALTPFOTC PinkAltiplano Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
COHGOTC PinkCheetah Oil & Gas, Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
DMIFFOTCQBDiamcor Mining Inc.CanadaJewelry and precious stones
FLYLFOTCQXFlyht Aerospace Solutions, Ltd.CanadaServices, misc
MSMGFOTC PinkGrid Metals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
NLPXFOTC PinkNoble Mineral Exploration, Inc. NewCanadaNot Available
FPLSFOTC Pink5N Plus, Inc.CanadaNot Available
HRTFFOTC PinkHarte Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MEDXFOTCQXMedexus Pharmaceuticals IncCanadaPharmaceutical preparations
TTTSFOTC PinkTrutrace Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
BGACFOTCQBBioNeutra Global CorporationCanadaNot Available
ZTLLFOTCQBZonetail Inc.CanadaNot Available
AGSMOTC PinkSilver Stream Mining Corp.CanadaManagement consulting services
EUUNFOTC PinkAzarga Metals CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
PVTTFOTC PinkPivotal Therapeutics IncCanadaServices-Health Services
CLKFFOTC PinkClarke, Inc.CanadaNot Available
MODVFOTC PinkMelcor Development Ltd.CanadaNot Available
NPEZFOTC PinkBAM BAM RES INC.CanadaNot Available
TCNAFOTC PinkTranscanna Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
NXGWFOTCQXNext Green WaveCanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
CHPGFOTCQXChesapeake Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
CVASOTC PinkCreative Vistas, Inc.CanadaCommunications equipment, misc
HUDRFOTC PinkHudson Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LUNMFOTC PinkLundin Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
ALVOFOTCQXAlvopetro Energy LtdCanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
FEERFOTC PinkFreeport Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
FPRGFOTC PinkFalco Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
ZUMRFOTC PinkZoomerMedia Ltd.CanadaNot Available
HBTPFOTC PinkBetaPro Crude Oil Inverse Leveraged Daily Bear ETFCanadaNot Available
WEDXFOTC PinkWestaim Corporation (The)CanadaCoating, Engraving & Allied Services
AROSFOTC PinkAurora Spine CorpCanadaNot Available
GPOTFOTC PinkGold Port Corp.CanadaNot Available
BREUFOTC PinkBridgemarq Real Estate Svc Inc.CanadaNot Available
DMNKFOTC PinkDNI Metals Inc.CanadaNot Available
GBBFFOTC PinkGranada Gold Mine Inc.CanadaGold ores
GNYPFOTC PinkGainey Capital Corp.CanadaNot Available
PWCDFOTC PinkPower Corp. of CanadaCanadaLife insurance
BGAVFOTCQBBravada Gold Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
CPHRFOTC PinkCipher Pharmaceuticals, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NMGRFOTCQXNouveau Monde Graphite Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PNPFFOTC PinkPinetree Capital Ltd.CanadaHolding companies, misc
BONXFOTCQXBonterra Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
LADFFOTC PinkNew Carolin Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
MOJGFOTC PinkMOJAVE GOLD CORP.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
NPIWFOTC PinkNorthland Power, Inc.CanadaNot Available
PARXFOTC PinkParex Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
PLRTFOTCQBPlymouth Rock Technologies Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VAUCFOTCQBViva Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
AGUNFOTC PinkArctic Glacier Income FundCanadaNot Available
EGDFFOTC PinkEnergold Drilling Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
PWCRFOTC PinkPacific Wildcat Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
SPLIFOTC PinkNutritional High Intl Inc.CanadaSugar & Confectionery Products
TMXXFOTC PinkTMX Group Ltd.CanadaNot Available
PHBIOTC PinkPharmagreen Biotech Inc.CanadaAirports, flying fields and services
SPLMOTC PinkSentry Petroleum, Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
WEGYFOTC PinkWestbridge Energy CorpCanadaOil and gas exploration services
DMPWWOTC PinkKintara Therapeutics, Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
GPPRFOTC PinkCerro De Pasco Res Inc.CanadaNot Available
COLFFOTC PinkColabor Group IncCanadaNot Available
NBKCFOTC PinkNational Bank of CanadaCanadaCommercial banks, misc
PLTXFOTCQBPlantX Life Inc.CanadaNot Available
WCEXFOTCQBWorld Class Extractions Inc.CanadaNot Available
AOIFFOTC PinkAfrica Oil Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
HUSIFOTC PinkNicola Mining Inc.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
SVVZFOTC PinkRockcliff Metals CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
ERILFOTC PinkEmpire Inds Ltd NewCanadaNot Available
GEBRFOTC PinkGreenbriar Capital CorpCanadaNot Available
HUSKFOTC PinkHusky Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
NMNZFOTC PinkNortec Minerals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RMESOTC PinkRed Metal Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
TTMZFOTC PinkDatable Technology Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
MONGFOTC PinkMontego Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
RSNVFOTCQBReyna Silver Corp.CanadaNot Available
TNCAFOTC PinkTC Energy Corp.CanadaNatural gas transmission
VBSCFOTC PinkVibe Growth CorporationCanadaNot Available
CVVUFOTCQBCanAlaska Uranium Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
BORMFOTCQBNorden Crown Metals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
LAUCFOTC PinkLaurentian Bank of CanadaCanadaCommercial banks, misc
PLUUFOTCQBPlateau Energy Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PNXLFOTCQBArgentina Lithium & Energy CorpCanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
CLNFFOTC PinkCalian Group Ltd.CanadaNot Available
EDYYFOTC PinkEnerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
FERLDOTC PinkFEARLESS FILMS, INC.CanadaMotion picture and video production
GPTRFOTCQBGrande Portage Resources Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
HSEPFOTC PinkHusky Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
EGMCFOTC PinkEmgold Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
TTOPFOTC PinkToronto Pictures, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ERLFFOTCQBEntree Resources Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ITTGFOTC PinkIntact Gold CorpCanadaGold ores
NEXCFOTCQBNextech AR Solutions Corp.CanadaNot Available
KCCFFOTC PinkKutcho Copper Corp.CanadaNot Available
MENEFOTC PinkMene Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
STSBFOTCQBSouth Star Mining Corp.CanadaGold ores
AABVFOTC PinkAberdeen International Inc.CanadaAsset managers
NMREFOTC PinkNamibia Critical Metals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
CPOIFOTC PinkCapstone Infrastructure Corp.CanadaHolding companies, misc
LTMCFOTC PinkLithium Chile Inc.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
NPPTFOTC PinkNeptune Digital Assets Corp.CanadaNot Available
PBBSFOTC PinkPeekaboo Beans Inc.CanadaWomens and childrens clothing
KXSCFOTC PinkKinaxis, Inc.CanadaNot Available
CWESFOTC PinkCanadian Western Bank (Edmonton, AB)CanadaForeign bank and branches and agencies
EEMMFOTC PinkE3 Metals CorpCanadaNot Available
GOLHFOTC PinkDelta Resources LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
POEFFOTC PinkPan Orient Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
MOTNFOTC PinkClean Power Capital Corp.CanadaNatural gas distribution
TCYSFOTC PinkTecsys Inc.CanadaNot Available
CWEGFOTC PinkCrew Energy Inc.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
GBHPFOTC PinkGlobal Hemp Group IncCanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
RMIOFOTC PinkRomios Gold Resources Inc.CanadaMetal ores, misc
LBCMFOTCQBLibero Copper & Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
STTDFOTC PinkStandard Uranium Ltd.CanadaNot Available
ZZZOFOTC PinkZinc One Resources, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
GOMRFOTC PinkGeomega Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
RMLFFOTC PinkRusoro Mining Ltd.CanadaGold ores
DNDEFOTC PinkDundee Corp.CanadaInvestment advice
PMBPFOTC PinkPembina Pipeline Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
SISXFOTC PinkSavaria Corp.CanadaNot Available
PLYZOTC PinkPlyzer Technologies Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
AACTFOTC PinkAurora Solar Technologies Inc.CanadaNot Available
APAFFOTC PinkVanadiumCorp Resources IncCanadaMetal Mining
LVRLFOTCQBCordovaCann Corp.CanadaServices-Amusement & Recreation Services
DNDPFOTC PinkDundee Corp.CanadaInvestment advice
PTNYFOTCQBParcelpal Technology IncCanadaTrucking & Courier Services (No Air)
XAUMFOTC PinkGoldmoney Inc.CanadaFinance Services
PYBXOTC PinkPlayBox (US) Inc.CanadaElectric services
RDOIFOTC PinkRodinia Oil Corp.CanadaNot Available
SITKFOTC PinkSitka Gold CorporationCanadaNot Available
PNNRFOTCQBRedfund Cap Corp.CanadaNot Available
GBLPOTC PinkGlobal Pharmatech, Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
CPRHFOTC PinkCapital Power Corp.CanadaNot Available
GENGFOTC PinkGear Energy LtdCanadaNot Available
PMCCFOTCQBPeloton Minerals CorporationCanadaGold and Silver Ores
PTONFOTC PinkPatriot One Technologies Inc.CanadaSearch and navigation equipment
WDFCFOTC PinkK9 Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
APCOFOTC PinkNew Tech Minerals Corp.CanadaPotash, soda, borate minerals
AVLNFOTCQBAvalon Advanced Materials Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
JINFFOTC PinkChina Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.CanadaNot Available
MISVFOTCQXMinco Silver Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
SECYFOTC PinkSecure Energy Services., Inc.CanadaNot Available
HDIIOTC PinkHypertension Diagnostics, Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
PCQRFOTC PinkPetrolympic, Ltd.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
SKKYOTCQBSkkynet Cloud Systems Inc.CanadaPrepackaged software
BHLLOTC PinkBunker Hill Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
DNGDFOTC PinkDynacor Gold Mines, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ERVFFOTC PinkErin Ventures Inc.CanadaGold ores
FFLWFOTCQXFire & Flower Holdings CorporationCanadaNot Available
GENMFOTCQBGeneration Mining LimitedCanadaNot Available
HDRSFOTCQBHighland Copper Company Inc.CanadaCopper ores
LBRMFOTC PinkLabrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd.CanadaIron ores
STVGFOTCQBStevens Gold Nevada Inc.CanadaNot Available
PRVCFOTCQBPreveCeutical Medical Inc.CanadaNot Available
CHXMFOTCQBTroilus Gold Corp.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
GBNWOTC PinkGlobal Energy Networks Corp.CanadaNot Available
POLXFOTC PinkPolydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.CanadaIndustrial Inorganic Chemicals
HDSLFOTCQBHealthSpace Data System Ltd.CanadaNot Available
PTOTFOTCQXPatriot One Technologies Inc.CanadaSearch and navigation equipment
EGTYFOTCQBEguana Technologies IncCanadaElectronic & Other Electrical Equipment (No Computer Equip)
RMRKOTC PinkRimrock Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
AFMJFOTC PinkAlphamin Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
EEVVDOTCQXEve and Co IncorporatedCanadaNot Available
TNMCFOTC PinkTitan Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
AHOTFOTCQXAmerican Hotel Income Properties REIT LPCanadaReal Estate
APEOFOTC PinkGrowmax Res Corp.CanadaNot Available
INCAFOTC PinkInca One Gold CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
NNMIFOTC PinkNearctic Nickel Mines Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
PYRNFOTCQBPyroGenesis Canada Inc.CanadaGeneral industrial machinery
AFMLOTC PinkAerofoam Metals, Inc.CanadaNot Available
NCNNFOTC Pink48North Cannabis Corp.CanadaNot Available
PMEDFOTCQBPredictmedix Inc.CanadaNot Available
RTMFFOTC PinkRT Minerals Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
APEUFOTC PinkAtlas Engineered Products Ltd.CanadaDrilling oil and gas wells
BRVRFOTC PinkBlue River Resources, Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
TUMIFOTCQBKingsmen Resources Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
CFWFDOTC PinkCalfrac Well Services Ltd.CanadaNot Available
FRERFOTCQBFremont Gold Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ILHMFOTC PinkInternational Lithium Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
MPGMFOTC PinkMaple Gold Mines Ltd.CanadaGold ores
NCPCFOTCQBNickel Creek Platinum Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
REAXFOTCQXThe Real Brokerage IncCanadaNot Available
WDOFFOTC PinkWesdome Gold Mines Ltd.CanadaNot Available
GBRIFOTC PinkGolden Band Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
LXRPOTCQXLexaria Bioscience Corp.CanadaFood and Kindred Products
SPRWFOTCQXSupreme Cannabis Co Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
AAGFFOTCQBAftermath Silver Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CLRMFOTCQBClean Air Metals Inc.CanadaNot Available
CPWPFOTC PinkCapital Power Corp.CanadaNot Available
LTTGFOTC PinkLottoGopher Holdings, Inc.CanadaNot Available
MFMLFOTC PinkMarifil Mines Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
PMGYFOTC PinkPerpetual Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
XEBEFOTCQXXebec Adsorption Inc.CanadaNot Available
RDDTFOTCQXRadient Technologies IncCanadaElectronic components, misc
TKRFFOTC PinkTinka Resources LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
WFSTFOTC PinkWestern Forest Products Inc.CanadaNot Available
CLRYFOTC PinkClarocity CorporationCanadaData processing and preparation
PBMLFOTC PinkPacific Booker Minerals Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
RECAFOTCQXReconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
SJRNFOTC PinkArcwest Expl Inc.CanadaNot Available
STZHFOTC PinkStelco Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
TDSGFOTC PinkTelo Genomics Corp.CanadaMedical laboratories
AGGHFOTC PinkAgrios Global Holdings Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TKSTFOTC PinkTinkerine Studios Ltd.CanadaPrinting trades machinery
WFTBFOTC PinkWest Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BIBLFOTC PinkWaterloo Brewing Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CPXGFOTC PinkCineplex, Inc.CanadaNot Available
ESIFFOTCQBESG Global Impact Capital Inc.CanadaInvestors, misc
GRJVFOTC PinkSurge Copper Corp.CanadaNot Available
KERMFOTCQBArizona Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
PMMBFOTC PinkPembina Pipeline Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
RLLVFOTC PinkRelevium Technologies Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
POTRFOTC PinkSOPerior Fertilizer Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
WFTSFOTCQBWavefront Technology Solutions, Inc.CanadaOil and gas field services, misc
ARXRFOTCQBInfinite Ore Corp.CanadaGold ores
CPXWFOTC PinkCapital Power Corp.CanadaNot Available
PTRUFOTCQXPetrus Resources Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
SEHCFOTCQBSweet Earth Holdings CorporationCanadaNot Available
TNREFOTCQBTaranis Resources Inc.CanadaMetal mining services
DOLLFOTC PinkDolly Varden Silver CorporationCanadaMetal Mining
EWPMFOTC PinkEast West Petroleum Corp.CanadaNot Available
MTRAFOTC PinkMetro, Inc.CanadaGroceries and related products, misc
ARYMFOTC PinkArgosy Minerals LimitedCanadaMetal Mining
NRGMFOTCQBLithium South Dev Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
PBNAFOTC PinkPembina Pipeline Corp.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
SEHKFOTCQBSeahawk Gold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
XEPRFOTC PinkXemplar Energy Corp.CanadaNot Available
ALEAFOTCQXAleafia Health Inc.CanadaOffices and clinics of medical doctors
MJDLFOTC PinkMajor Drilling Group International Inc.CanadaNot Available
EFLVFOTCQBElectrovaya Inc.CanadaPrimary batteries, dry and wet
ESKYFOTCQBEskay Mining CorpCanadaMetal Mining
FFXXFOTC PinkHELIOS FAIRFAX PARTNERS CORP.CanadaSecurity and commodity service
FRHHFOTC PinkFreshii, Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous food stores
NRGOFOTCQBNewrange Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
VEGYFOTC PinkVirginia Energy Resources IncCanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
AAIRFOTCQBAmerican Aires Inc.CanadaNot Available
BICTFOTCQBBiocure Technology Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
CGEAFOTC PinkCogeco Communications IncCanadaNot Available
EFRGFOTCQBPasofino Gold Ltd.CanadaNot Available
KEYUFOTC PinkKeyera Corp.CanadaNot Available
DONFFOTC PinkSphinx Resources LtdCanadaJewelry, precious metal
MJGCFOTC PinkMajestic Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
RNGGOTC PinkReno Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
FGBDFOTC PinkFirst Global Data Ltd.CanadaFunctions related to deposit banking
HTPRFOTCQBHTC Purenergy, Inc.CanadaNot Available
SOQDQOTC PinkSonde Resources CorpCanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
CWVLFOTC PinkCrown Point Energy Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
MJLBOTC PinkUltrack Systems, Inc.CanadaBusiness services, misc
QBCRFOTC PinkQuebecor Inc.CanadaNewspapers
BIDCFOTCQBBlockchaink2 Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
GRLVFOTC PinkGroup Eleven Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
TNSSFOTC PinkTransAlta CorporationCanadaElectric services
ROMJFOTCQXRubicon Organics Inc.CanadaFood crops grown under cover
AAXTOTC PinkAamaxan Transport Group, Inc.CanadaNon-Operating Establishments
CPFXFOTC PinkCopper Fox Metals Inc.CanadaCopper ores
GCGMFOTC PinkGreat Canadian Gaming CorporationCanadaCoin-operated amusement devices
GPHOFOTCQBGraphite One Inc.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
LBLCFOTC PinkLoblaw Companies LimitedCanadaGrocery stores
TVIPFOTC PinkTVI Pacific Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
AAMMFOTC PinkAlmadex Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CAMZFOTC PinkCamino Minerals Corp.CanadaMetal ores, misc
CCORFOTC PinkCanaccord Genuity Group, Inc.CanadaSecurity brokers and dealers
AXNVFOTC PinkAxion Ventures Inc.CanadaInvestors, misc
LUMIFOTCQXLuminex Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
TWRFFOTC PinkTower Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
AREVFOTC PinkAREV NanoTec Brands Inc.CanadaNot Available
CWYUFOTC PinkSmartCentres Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
EKGGFOTC PinkCardioCom Solutions, Inc.CanadaNot Available
SPXPOTC PinkSpirit Exploration, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
SWYDFOTC PinkStornoway Diamond Corp.CanadaNot Available
TLGNOTC PinkTotally Green, Inc.CanadaNot Available
GFGSFOTCQBGFG Resources Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MGDPFOTCQXMarathon Gold CorpCanadaGold and Silver Ores
NDENFOTCQBCentral African Gold Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
GPKUFOTC PinkGrand Peak Capital Corp.CanadaGrocery stores
ZADDFOTCQBZadar Ventures Ltd.CanadaUranium-radium-vanadium ores
BIIAFOTC PinkBuhler Industries, Inc.CanadaNot Available
TNTTFOTC PinkToronto Dominion Bank (ON)CanadaCommercial banks, misc
ABCAFOTC PinkAthabasca Minerals Inc.CanadaNot Available
CXBMFOTCQXCalibre Mining Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
EKNLOTC PinkEKO International Corp.CanadaNonclassifiable establishments
CANOFOTC PinkCalifornia Nanotechnologies CorpCanadaFabricated metal products, misc
FRMUFOTC PinkFirm Capital Property TrustCanadaFinance Services
OILCFOTCQBPermex Petroleum CorporationCanadaNot Available
BHHKFOTC PinkBenchmark Botanics Inc.CanadaNot Available
AVTIOTC PinkAvitar, Inc.CanadaSurgical appliances and supplies
MAAFFOTC PinkMagindustries Corp.CanadaNot Available
BILZFOTCQXIgnite International Brands, Ltd.CanadaDurable goods, misc
LDDAFOTC PinkLida Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
MPVDFOTC PinkMountain Province Diamonds Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
RVVQFOTC PinkRavenquest Biomed Inc.CanadaBusiness consulting, misc
ABCFFOTC PinkAbacus Mining & Exploration Corp.CanadaGold ores
BIOYFOTC PinkBioSyent Inc.CanadaNot Available
EXETFOTC PinkExtendicare, Inc.CanadaNot Available
HEOFFOTCQXH2O Innovation Inc.CanadaWater supply
CANSFOTCQXWillow Biosciences Inc.CanadaNot Available
MGIDFOTC PinkMagnum Goldcorp Inc.CanadaNot Available
NRRSFOTCQBNorsemont Mining Inc.CanadaNot Available
HEPZFOTC PinkHorizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETFCanadaNot Available
NOSOFOTC PinkNoront Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
PDPTFOTCQBPudo Inc.CanadaServices, misc
EGFHFOTC PinkEFH Holdings Inc.CanadaNot Available
MPXOFOTCQBMPX International CorporationCanadaMedicinal and botanicals
TOBAFOTCQBTaat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
BLLXFOTC PinkSire Bioscience Inc.CanadaNot Available
SQIDFOTCQBSQI Diagnostics Inc.CanadaAnalytical instruments
CXRXFOTC PinkADVANZ PHARMA CORP LTD.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
EGHSFOTC PinkEnghouse Systems Ltd.CanadaNot Available
IMEXFOTCQBImagin Medical Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
PUCCFOTCQBPancontinental Res Corp.CanadaNot Available
DPMLFOTC PinkDundee Precious Metals Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
EKWXOTC PinkEkwan-X, Inc.CanadaNot Available
FNCJFOTC PinkFancamp Exploration Ltd.CanadaGold ores
HYPFOTC PinkHypower Fuel, Inc.CanadaInternal combustion engines, misc
TLOFFOTC PinkTalon Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
ZDEXFOTC PinkSintana Energy, Inc.CanadaNot Available
AGCBFOTCQBAmarillo Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
AXXDFOTC PinkAlderon Iron Ore Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BINPOTC PinkBionoid Pharma Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
CLXPFOTC PinkCybin IncCanadaNot Available
FRRSFOTC PinkFar Res Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
KGLDFOTC PinkKing Global Ventures Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
MGLQFOTCQBMagna Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
NRVTFOTCQBNoram Ventures Inc.CanadaNot Available
RUPRFOTC PinkRupert Resources Ltd.CanadaMetal Mining
RYMDFOTCQBRelay Medical Corp.CanadaMedical and hospital equipment
BUGVFOTC PinkPrimo Nutraceuticals Inc.CanadaNot Available
BIREFOTC PinkBirchcliff Energy Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CCWFOTC PinkChurch & Crawford, Inc.CanadaCustom computer programming services
JPOTFOTCQBJackpot Digital Inc.CanadaServices-Amusement & Recreation Services
MADIOTC PinkMadison Systems, Inc.CanadaCogeneration Services & Small Power Producers
SRBCFOTC PinkSirona Biochem Corp.CanadaMedicinal and botanicals
LDOMFOTC PinkLido Minerals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TETOFOTCQBTectonic Metals Inc.CanadaNot Available
TXLZFOTC PinkTesla Exploratin Services Inc.CanadaNot Available
CPMDOTC PinkCannapharmarx Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
EXMGFOTCQXExcelsior Mining Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Metal Ores
HERXFOTC PinkHeroux-Deutek Inc.CanadaNot Available
LVCNFOTCQBLeviathan Natural Products Inc.CanadaLead and zinc ores
SUMXFOTC PinkSupremex Inc.CanadaNot Available
SAYFFOTC Pink3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd.CanadaSecurity systems services
FNECOTC PinkFirst National Energy Corp.CanadaElectric services
PNCRFOTC PinkNewcore Gold Ltd.CanadaNot Available
SKLVOTC PinkSKYE LIFE VENTURES LTD.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
VEXTFOTCQXVext Science Inc.CanadaHolding companies, misc
BITTFOTC PinkBitterroot Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
CPNFFOTC PinkEuro Sun Mining Inc.CanadaNot Available
SYBFOTC PinkSyntec Biofuel, Inc.CanadaRetail-Food Stores
ZENYFOTC PinkZen Graphene Solutions Ltd.CanadaMining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
AAVVFOTC PinkAdvantage Oil & Gas Ltd.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
EGLPFOTC PinkEclipse Gold Mng Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MGMLFOTCQBMaple Gold Mines Ltd.CanadaGold ores
MQMNWOTC PinkMcEwen Mining Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
PNDHFOTCQBPond Technologies Hldgs Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
WESMFOTC PinkWest Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
MVACOTC PinkMotorVac Technologies, Inc.CanadaNot Available
CGNSFOTCQBCognetivity Neurosciences Ltd.CanadaNot Available
GFTRFOTC PinkGold'n Futures Mineral Corp.CanadaMetal mining services
RVLGFOTCQBRevival Gold Inc.CanadaNot Available
SUNFFOTC PinkSun Life Financial Inc.CanadaLife insurance
TEUTFOTC PinkTeuton Resources Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
NPIFFOTC PinkNorthland Power, Inc.CanadaNot Available
SRCRFOTC PinkScorpio Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
AGFAFOTC PinkAgraflora Organics Intl Inc.CanadaNot Available
CGOLOTCQBContact Gold CorpCanadaGold ores
EGMLFOTCQBEngineer Gold Mines Ltd.CanadaNot Available
VGGOFOTCQBCryptologic Corp.CanadaPrepackaged software
HZBRFOTC PinkBetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily Bull ETFCanadaNot Available
JROOFOTC PinkJericho Oil CorpCanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
QMCQFOTC PinkQMC Quantum Minerals Corp.CanadaNot Available
ROCAFOTC PinkRoca Mines Inc.CanadaNot Available
AGFMFOTC PinkAGF Management Ltd.CanadaInvestment advice
BRENFOTC PinkBrookfield Renewable Partners L.P.CanadaElectric services
CPPKFOTC PinkCopperbank Res CorpCanadaNot Available
OLNCFOTCQXOmni-Lite Industries Canada Inc.CanadaMetal Forgings & Stampings
AAZZFOTCQXA2Z Smart Technologies Corp.CanadaNot Available
IMIMFOTC PinkIMC International Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
NSAUFOTC PinkMegumagold Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
RVSDFOTCQBRiverside Resources, Inc. NewCanadaGold and Silver Ores
CPPMFOTC PinkCopper Mountain Mining Corp.CanadaNot Available
MKRIFOTC PinkMelkior Resources Inc.CanadaGold ores
OLVRFOTC PinkOlivut Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
AGGFFOTC PinkAfrican Gold Group Inc.CanadaNot Available
BBRRFOTCQBBlueberries Medical Co.CanadaNot Available
CPPXFOTCQBContinental Energy Corp.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
ELFIFOTC PinkE L Financial Ltd.CanadaNot Available
TLTFFOTCQBTheralase Technologies Inc.CanadaSurgical and medical instruments
CYBXFOTCQBGallagher Security Corp.CanadaNot Available
IZCFFOTC PinkInternational Zeolite Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
SKREFOTCQXSkeena Resources LimitedCanadaGold ores
SPFYFOTCQBSpacefy Inc.CanadaNot Available
BSYIOTC PinkBioSyntech, Inc.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
NPRVFOTC PinkNapier Ventures IncCanadaNot Available
QMXGFOTC PinkQMX Gold Corp.CanadaGold ores
NSCIFOTCQXNanalysis Scientific Corp.CanadaAnalytical instruments
XNDRFOTCQBXander Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
CYDVFOTCQBCypress Development Corp.CanadaLead and zinc ores
HZNSFOTC PinkBetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily Bull ETFCanadaNot Available
MKSEFOTC PinkMarksmen Energy Inc.CanadaOil and gas exploration services
ABBRFOTC PinkAbraPlata Resource Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
BRGGFOTCQXBragg Gaming Group Inc.CanadaComputer related services, misc
MGROFOTCQBMustGrow Biologics CorporationCanadaNot Available
PCLOFOTCQXPHARMACIELO LTD.CanadaPharmaceutical preparations
TYHJFOTC PinkTyhee Gold Corp.CanadaNot Available
BIOIFOTCQBBiome Grow, Inc.CanadaComputer Communications Equipment
SLGWFOTCQBSlang Worldwide Inc.CanadaServices-Miscellaneous Business Services
HZOZFOTC PinkBetaPro Crude Oil Leveraged Daily Bull ETFCanadaNot Available
AZASFOTCQBArizona Silver Exploration Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GGGOFOTCQBGalane Gold LtdCanadaGold and Silver Ores
IZOZFOTC PinkIzotropic CorporationCanadaNot Available
PURXFOTC PinkPure Extraction Corp.CanadaNot Available
SPGYFOTC PinkWhitecap Resources, Inc.CanadaNot Available
AQARFOTCQBAquila Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
BTBIFOTC PinkBTB Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaNot Available
GDQMFOTC PinkGoldquest Mining Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
PPOTFOTC PinkPacific Silk Road Resources Group Inc.CanadaPotash, soda, borate minerals
ASDRFOTC PinkAscendant Resources Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
BRKCFOTCQXBarksdale Resources Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
CASXFOTC PinkCasa Minerals Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
ETFLFOTC PinkEastfield Resources Ltd.CanadaNot Available
GGGRFOTC PinkGlobal Gardens GroupCanadaNot Available
HGGOFOTCQXHighGold Mining Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
KHRIFOTC PinkCypherpunk Hldgs Inc.CanadaNot Available
NEMCFOTC PinkNew Energy Metals Corp.CanadaNot Available
RWBYFOTCQXRed White & Bloom Brands Inc.CanadaFinance Services
SURJFOTC PinkSurge Exploration Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
JSHGOTC PinkJoshua Gold Resources, Inc. NewCanadaGold and Silver Ores
ROIUFOTCQBRoute1 Inc.CanadaComputer integrated systems design
ASDZFOTC PinkArctic Star Exploration Corp.CanadaMetal Mining
GGIFFOTC PinkGaribaldi Resources Corp.CanadaNot Available
HGHAFOTC PinkHigh Arctic Energy Services., Inc.CanadaNot Available
HUSPFOTC PinkHusky Energy Inc.CanadaCrude petroleum and natural gas
MRETFOTC PinkMartinrea International Inc.CanadaNot Available
PUSOFOTC PinkPushfor Investments Inc.CanadaNot Available
REZZFOTCQBGlobal Battery Metals Ltd.CanadaNot Available
BLGVFOTC PinkBELGRAVIA HARTFORD CAP INC.CanadaPotash, soda, borate minerals
SNNVFOTC PinkSunniva Inc.CanadaAgricultural Production-Crops
ABMBFOTC PinkAbcourt Mines Inc.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
MWSNFOTC PinkMawson Gold Ltd.CanadaNot Available
NSHRFOTC PinkNorthern Shield Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
RFBCOTC PinkRomana Food Brands Corp.CanadaFood and Kindred Products
CNPOFOTC PinkCanopy Rivers Inc.CanadaInvestors, misc
ETHOFOTCQBEthos Gold Corp.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
GGISFOTC PinkGenesis Metals Corp.CanadaGold ores
RWCRFOTC PinkRIWI Corp.CanadaNot Available
AXBSFOTC PinkAxios Mobile Assets Corp.CanadaEquipment rental and leasing, misc
CJCFFOTCQBQuebec Precious Metals Corp.CanadaMiscellaneous Primary Metal Products
AGLAFOTCQBAguila American Gold Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
BRLXFOTC PinkBoralex Inc.CanadaNot Available
GGLDFOTCQBGetchell Gold CorporationCanadaGold and Silver Ores
HUTMFOTCQXHut 8 Mining CorpCanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
JAGGFOTC PinkJaguar Mining Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
LEMIFOTCQBLeading Edge Materials Corp.CanadaCarbon and graphite products
MGXMFOTC PinkMGX Minerals IncCanadaCommercial physical research
XPHYFOTCQBXPhyto Therapeutics CorporationCanadaNot Available
BLONFOTCQBCo2 Gro Inc.CanadaTransportation equipment, misc
ABNAFOTCQBAben Resources, Ltd.CanadaGold and Silver Ores
AQSZFOTCQBAequus Pharmaceuticals Inc.CanadaFood and Kindred Products
HHHEFOTC Pink37 Capital, Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
MLFNFOTC PinkMaple Leaf Foods Inc.CanadaMeat packing plants
ZIMCFOTCQBZIM Corp.CanadaRadiotelephone Communication
EHMEFOTC PinkGOEASY LTDCanadaNot Available
RFHRFOTC PinkRenforth Resources Inc.CanadaNot Available
TGCDFOTCQXTeranga Gold CorporationCanadaGold ores
AQUIOTC PinkAquagold International, Inc.CanadaGroceries and related products, misc
AXDDFOTCQXAzucar Minerals Ltd.CanadaGold ores
ELNOFOTC PinkEl Nino Ventures Inc.CanadaMetal Mining
CYLYFOTCQBCeylon Graphite CorpCanadaMetal Mining
HUTWFOTC PinkHut 8 Mining CorpCanadaServices-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
LWSCFOTC PinkSienna Sr Living Inc.CanadaNot Available
OMCOFOTC PinkOhmoriya Co Ltd.CanadaNot Available
PCRAFOTC PinkPucara Gold Ltd.CanadaNot Available
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