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Companies Located In: United States
SymbolTierCompany NameCountryIndustry
AIVNOTC PinkAmerican International Ventures, Inc.United StatesGold and Silver Ores
CPYTOTC PinkCarePayment Technologies, Inc.United StatesSurgical and medical instruments
FNMAPOTCQBFannie MaeUnited StatesFederal and federally sponsored credit
HHSEOTC PinkHannover House, Inc.United StatesBook publishing
IALSOTC PinkInterActive Leisure Systems, Inc.United StatesIndustrial organic chemicals, misc
INVUOTCQBInvestview Inc.United StatesBusiness services, misc
JTBKOTC PinkJetblack Corp.United StatesCustom computer programming services
SEGIOTC PinkSycamore Entertainment Group, Inc.United StatesMotion picture and video production
SRLYOTC PinkSouthern Realty Co.United StatesNot Available
TYFGOTCQXTri County Financial Group Inc.United StatesState commercial banks
ZIPLOTC PinkZipLink, Inc.United StatesBusiness services, misc
GGNNWOTC PinkGenocea Biosciences, Inc.United StatesBiological products, except diagnostic
GRVEOTC PinkGroove Botanicals, Inc.United StatesCrude petroleum and natural gas
PVDGOTC PinkPoverty Dignified, Inc.United StatesElectric Lighting & Wiring Equipment
TGENOTCQXTecogen IncUnited StatesRefrigeration and heating equipment
BKFGOTC PinkBKF Capital Group, Inc.United StatesInvestment advice
CYLCOTC PinkCounty Line Energy Corp.United StatesCrude petroleum and natural gas
ELRAOTC PinkElray Resources, Inc.United StatesPrepackaged software
FNMASOTCQBFannie MaeUnited StatesFederal and federally sponsored credit
GEAGYOTC PinkGEA Group AGUnited StatesNot Available
MAPLOTC PinkMaple Press Co.United StatesBook publishing
OMVEOTC PinkOmni Ventures, Inc.United StatesReal Estate
PERLOTC PinkPerla Group International, Inc.United StatesServices, misc
QRRYOTC PinkQuarry City Savings and Loan AssociationUnited StatesState commercial banks
SLOTOTC PinkSan Lotus Holding Inc.United StatesTransportation Services
TMGYOTC PinkTerminus Energy, Inc.United StatesElectrical Industrial Apparatus
WLANOTC PinkWialan Technologies, Inc.United StatesServices-Telephone Interconnect Systems
ZIVOOTCQBZivo Bioscience, Inc.United StatesFood and Kindred Products
AMPYWOTC PinkAmplify Energy Corp. NewUnited StatesCrude petroleum and natural gas
CRKNOTCQBCrown Electrokinetics Corp.United StatesElectronic components, misc
FIISOOTC PinkFinancial Institutions, Inc.United StatesNational commercial banks
LEPXOTC PinkLepota Inc.United StatesDrugs, proprietaries, and sundries
LXAMOTC PinkLux Amber CorporationUnited StatesIndustrial Organic Chemicals
OMHEOTC PinkOmni Health IncUnited StatesPharmaceutical preparations
RWRDPOTC PinkIConsumer Corp.United StatesServices-Personal Services
BSPKOTC PinkBespoke Extracts, Inc.United StatesPharmaceutical preparations
BTHEOTC PinkBoston Therapeutics IncUnited StatesPharmaceutical preparations
FNMATOTCQBFannie MaeUnited StatesFederal and federally sponsored credit
JTNBOTC PinkJTNB Bancorp Inc.United StatesNational commercial banks
MLHCOTC PinkM Line Holdings, Inc.United StatesBeverages
PERTOTC PinkPermanent Technologies, Inc.United StatesBolts, nuts, rivets, and washers
PPWLMOTC PinkPacifiCorpUnited StatesElectric services
QRSMOTC PinkQRS Music Technologies, Inc.United StatesMusical instruments
ROYEOTC PinkRoyal Energy Resources, Inc.United StatesBituminous coal and lignite-surface
AGLYOTC PinkAGILITI INC.United StatesNot Available
CAWWOTC PinkCCA Industries, Inc.United StatesToilet preparations
CYPSOTC PinkCyclo3pss Corp.United StatesNot Available
HGTXUOTCQBHugoton Royalty TrustUnited StatesOil Royalty traders
OMIDOTC PinkOmid Hldgs IncUnited StatesNot Available
VIHDOTCQBVISION HYDROGEN CORPORATIONUnited StatesConstruction - Special Trade Contractors
ABPROTC PinkAirborne Security & Protective Services, Inc.United StatesSecurity systems services
ARAOOTC PinkAuraSource, Inc.United StatesGold and Silver Ores
CKCBOTC PinkClark County BancorporationUnited StatesState commercial banks
CQCQOTC PinkMakingORG, Inc.United StatesMotorcycles, bicycles, and parts
FNMFMOTC PinkFannie MaeUnited StatesFederal and federally sponsored credit
MXMGOTC PinkMaxima Group, Inc.United StatesServices-Personal Services
PPWLOOTC PinkPacifiCorpUnited StatesElectric services
ROYLOTCQBRoyale Energy, Inc.United StatesCrude petroleum and natural gas
SLRKOTC PinkSolera National Bancorp, Inc.United StatesNational commercial banks
SRMXOTC PinkSaddle Ranch Media, Inc.United StatesServices-Personal Services
VIRAOTC PinkViratech Corp.United StatesData processing and preparation
MHHCOTC PinkMHHC Enterprises Inc.United StatesElectronic parts and equipment, misc
SUVZOTC PinkSuvanzaUnited StatesPharmaceutical preparations
TORMOTC PinkTOR Minerals International, Inc.United StatesIndustrial Inorganic Chemicals
BTTROTCQXBetter Choice Company Inc.United StatesBeverages
ABQQOTCQBAB INTL Group Corp.United StatesPatent owners and lessors
ARATOTC PinkArax Holdings Corp.United StatesEating places
AXIMOTCQBAxim Biotechnologies, Inc.United StatesPharmaceutical preparations
BTHROTC PinkSports Venues of Florida, Inc.United StatesReal Estate
CYNSOTC PinkCygnus Oil & Gas Corp.United StatesEating places
FNMFNOTCQBFannie MaeUnited StatesFederal and federally sponsored credit
JUDOOTC PinkJudo Capital Corp.United StatesMembership sports and recreation clubs
MLLSOTC PinkMiller Industries, Inc.United StatesNonresidential building operators
OMWDFOTC PinkOmega World, Inc.United StatesCustom computer programming services
SRNAOTCQBSurna Inc.United StatesAgricultural Services
CRLFFOTC PinkCardinal Energy Ltd.United StatesNot Available
MHPCOTC PinkManufactured Housing Properties Inc.United StatesReal Estate
NSPXOTC PinkInspyr Therapeutics, Inc.United StatesPharmaceutical preparations
PVNOOTC PinkProVision Operation Systems, Inc.United StatesNot Available
RGBDOTC PinkRegional Brands Inc.United StatesLumber, plywood, and millwork
XSHLFOTCQBXS Financial Inc.United StatesNot Available
EMBIOTC PinkEmerald Bioscience Inc.United StatesPharmaceutical preparations
CDNNOTC PinkChina Industrial Steel Inc.United StatesSteel Works, Blast Furnaces & Rolling & Finishing Mills
JUHLOTC PinkJuhl Energy, Inc.United StatesMiscellaneous Electrical Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
ONBIOTC PinkOne Bio Corp.United StatesMedicinal and botanicals
PRACOTC PinkProductivity Technologies Corp.United StatesIndustrial machinery and equipment
QSEPOTC PinkQS Energy, Inc.United StatesOil and gas field machinery
SLSROTC PinkSilver Surprize, Inc.United StatesNot Available
SRNNOTC PinkSouthern Banc Company, Inc. (The)United StatesFederal savings institutions
AGOLOTCQBAndina Gold Corp.United StatesCutlery, Handtools & General Hardware
HHEROTC PinkHer ImportsUnited StatesData processing and preparation
PCSTOTC PinkPure Capital Solutions Inc.United StatesRadio and TV communications equipment
SKYIOTC PinkSky Century Investment, Inc.United StatesManagement services
TGHIOTCQBTouchpoint Group Holdings, Inc.United StatesTelephone and telegraph apparatus
AXLEOTC PinkT.J.T., Inc.United StatesMotor vehicle parts and accessories
ELSTOTC PinkElectronic Systems Technology, Inc.United StatesElectronic Components & Accessories
FNRCOTC Pink1st NRG Corp.United StatesCrude petroleum and natural gas
IBALOTC PinkInternational Baler Corp.United StatesGeneral industrial machinery
IOFBOTC PinkIowa First Bancshares Corp.United StatesBank holding companies
LEHLQOTC PinkLehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. Capital Trust IVUnited StatesNot Available
MLMNOTC PinkMillennium Prime, Inc.United StatesWine and distilled beverages
NRGSPOTC PinkNarragansett Electric Co.United StatesElectric services
ONCIOTC PinkOn4 Communications, Inc.United StatesComputer related services, misc
SRNWOTC PinkStratos Renewables Corp.United StatesIndustrial Organic Chemicals