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The OTC Social Network is packed with awesome features that will change the way you trade.
We are excited to have you here and hope this section describes some of the awesome things you can do with OTC WATCH.
We strive on feedback, and want to answer all of your questions.
If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to send us a line below.
We will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

OTC Social Network

Verified Accounts


OTC Watch has a verified CEO Platform. We have direct contact with the companies that our using our verified service. We strive to contact the companies at least once a month, and regularly monitor the activity on their accounts. You can spot verified companies by locating the blue check mark in their profiles. To locate verified companies, simply select the “verified” filter in the members list

Ticker Walls

Connect With Tickers

OTC Watch uses cashtags and hashtags to help users connect with ideas more efficiently. Tags can be posted anywhere on the site, or searched for research. We also have pages dedicated to ticker and hash trends.

Marijuana Watch

Insight On Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana Watch beta tracks approximately 160 OTC Marijuana Stocks. We track several important daily events in these companies and print out totals for users to evaluate.
This is not a complicated algorithm output, or even an index total; it’s simply a daily log of important numbers; that over time can be used to view trends as a whole.

Watch Algorithm

Analyze Every OTC Stock

The “Watch” algorithm will allow users to analyze over 10,000 OTC tickers simultaneously. We would write more here but don’t want to have our idea ripped off by posting the secret sauce. The algorithm is slated to launch in December of 2018, and registered members will get to kick the tires for free. More info will be shared as the algorithm comes to completion.

Live Chat

10,000 Chat Rooms

Our Real-Time Messaging Service has over 10,000 ticker chat rooms. Logged in members can chat in public rooms, or chat with friends. Additionally, members can create group chats.


Free Stock Forums

Our Stock Forums were built for the 21st century. Mention members, upload media, and embed live link previews. Logged in members can also create polls, and view sentiment analysis on stock tickers.

Private Messaging

OTC Email

Exchange messages with friends on the OTC Social Network. Users can send unlimited messages to friends our groups. Additionally, members can subscribe to group and forum updates in their network.



Interact with other members in groups. Groups allow users to discuss topics they are interested in. Groups have the same sitewide feature set and can be created by any registered member. Like verified CEOs we also have verified groups. To locate verified groups, go to the groups directory and select the “verified” filter.

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