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Forums Built for the 21st Century

Forums allow traders to exchange ideas in a message board format.
Our Forums were built for performance and ease of use.
Posting is a breeze, as our advanced take on traditional boards allows users to express ideas more efficiently.
We are excited to have you here and hope this section describes some of the awesome things you can do with OTC WATCH Forums.
We strive on feedback, and want to answer all of your questions.
If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to send us a line below.
We will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Forum Features

Verified Forums

Find Verified Companies in Their Forums

Forum Walls

Show All Posts by Stock Ticker

Ticker Beta

View Beta Values on Any Ticker


Create or Take Forum Polls

Forums Live Chat

Forums Live Chat Feature

Topic Search

Instantly Search Thousands of Topics

Forum Subscriptions

Subscribe to Any Topic

Group Forums

More Meaningful Conversations.

Verified Forums

Meet OTC CEOs in Forums

You can identify companies that have a verified forum with the “Verified Profile” text at the top of forums. These companies have opted to verify their stock forum and are active contributors in the community. Some of these companies also have verified groups on the site. You can spot verified companies by locating the blue check mark in their profiles. To locate verified companies, simply select the “verified” filter in the members list

Forum Walls

Connect With New Ideas

OTC Watch uses cashtags to display the latest posts about companies in their forums. Tags can be posted anywhere on the site, or searched for research. We also have pages dedicated to ticker and hash trends.In any company forum click the “Wall” tab.

Ticker Beta

Insight On Any Stock

Ticker Beta calculates the average share price and share volume of any stock. We use end-of-day data within the current trading year to help traders analyze the trends of the stock. This data can be filtered in any way and was designed to quickly identify entry and exit points. In any company forum click the “Beta” tab.

Stock Polls

Participate in Stock Polls

Create your own ticker polls in any forum. You can also view votes or join in on existing stock polls. There are no limits to how many companies you can reference. We have created one poll with over 150 different options.Polls can be created at the bottom of every new topic

Forums Live Chat

10,000 Chat Rooms

Each Discussion Board also has a Real-Time Messaging Service built in. This means you can chat with friends while creating forum threads or reading existing topics.In any company forum click the “Chat” tab.

Topic Search

Free Stock Forums

You can search any forum for topics by using the search form in the forum home.Forum search is limited to the forum you are viewing

Forum Subscriptions

Subscribe to Forum Updates

You can subscribe to any forum for topics by clicking the “subscribe” button in the forum home or at the top of topic threads. You can unsubscribe from any forum or topic by visiting your profile forum settings.

Groups Forums


Group Forums allow members to have better control of the conversation. They inherit all of the features of site-wide forums but allow admins to moderate the content. Additionally, admins can sticky topics to the top of the posts board.Group admins will have full moderation over their forums

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