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The Game Has Changed

Live Chat is a fundamental milestone for the penny stocks social media community.
We have built our live chat app lightweight, for performance and ease of use.
Our messaging service is accessible on any device.
We are excited to have you here and hope this section describes some of the awesome things you can do with OTC WATCH Chat.
We strive on feedback, and want to answer all of your questions.
If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to send us a line below.
We will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Live Chat Features

Verified CEO Chat

Chat with Verified CEOs

Private Friends Chat

Chat With Friends Using our Chat App

Public Chat

Global Chat Room

Browser Alerts

Get Alerts for New Messages

Upload Attachments

Upload Media Directly to Chat

Multiple Chats

Have Several Chats at Once

Ticker Chat

Chat Rooms Built into Message Boards

Group Chat

Chat With Groups

Verified Chat

Chat with Verified CEOs

You can chat with verified companies throughout the site. Verified Companies will be available for private chats if they are in your friend’s list, and online.To locate verified companies, simply select the “verified” filter in the members list

Private Chat

Connect Privately

You can send private messages to any of your online contacts. New messages in public chat rooms will still be visible, but you must friend a member to PM them.The site is much more fun with friends.

Public Chat

See What is New

By default you will join our global chat room upon logging in. Anything you post here will be visible to the entire logged in user base.Please no spamming in public rooms

Browser Alerts

Notification of New Messages

Each time a member sends you a private message you will get an alert. You will also get an alert for public messages if you are logged in.Alerts will show a “*” for new messages

Upload Attachments

Media Rich Chat

You can upload media to any open chat session. Share: Links, Files, Videos, or gifs.Please no nudes

Multiple Chats

Get Social

You have the ability to have unlimited chat sessions. You can close any session by clicking the “x” icon.

Ticker Chat

Ticker Chats

Ticker Chats are built into every message board. You can join by clicking the “chat” tab in the current forum. Private Chats are disabled by default in message board chats.

Groups Forums


Group Chats allow members to have better control of the conversation. They inherit all of the features of site-wide chats but allow admins to moderate the content.Group admins will have full moderation over their group chat rooms.

Start Chatting Today

Chat Room