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  • Nearly a month since we’ve last heard from @erbb-ir and those were just inane replies. It’s been over 1.5 months since any sort of “business” update from AG!!!

    • which is it Larry? 1 month or 1.5 months? What is the point of this update? Is it any different from your comment 11 days ago?

      Are you lonely? Do you need someone to talk to? Is this a cry for help? ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    • Kdog, the only thing that changes here is the share count and the number of naive investors buying shares

    • Thank you Joe. But unless you made the mistake of replying to the wrong alias, the question was for Larry.

    • Hi Kdog. Reading isn’t your strong suit huh? It’s been 1 month since @erbb-ir posted anything here or as I referred to “the inane replies”. It’s been 1.5 months since @erbb-ir posted anything about the business.
      The point of my update is for people to realize this company is a fraud with nothing going on. Most people with a fraction of a brain…Read More

    • Oh Lawrence, you of all people should know that you don’t get anywhere by making assertions and attempting to talk down to people, let alone assume what other people think or know.

      This company owes nothing to you, and they sure don’t have to provide updates for that matter until they so please. Regardless of your mass inane posting on…Read More

  • Another week and a continued failure to deliver on any promises. Nice work AG.

  • Andrew posted an update in the group Group logo of American Green, Inc.  $ERBBAmerican Green, Inc. $ERBB 1 week ago

    Eager for some news guys @erbb-ir . Hope everything is going good. $ERBB #1

    • Andrew you have not yet caught on yet have you? Nothing is going on with ERBB. They do as little as possible to show a little progress in order to sell shares, that is it.

  • Over a month with zero updates. On their FB page American Green said they hoped for the Phoenix grow to be fully functional by mid-July. Remember when the last CEO lied about the deadline of August 2016? American Green is the classic “yeah, yeah the check is is in the mail” type. Fraud and lies are the only things American Green has ever produced…Read More

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