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  • Tom posted an update in the group Group logo of American Green, Inc.  $ERBBAmerican Green, Inc. $ERBB 1 week, 6 days ago

    I would love to know, what’s new with American Green….wink, wink, PLEASE!!!! ERBB_ON!!!

    • Tom – nothing is new. It is the same as it have been for the last 10 years. Great announcements, no progress and dumping of more shares so they can get rich.

    • Cant see any one getting rich at .0012????? ERBB_ON !!!!

  • How many machines do we have sold @erbb-ir $ERBB :luv: :xoxo:

  • American Green, continuing to scam the world

    • I’m playing devil’s advocate again but American Green isn’t necessarily “scamming the world” so much as their just scamming a few desperate “investors” and degenrae gamblers who dabble in ERBB. The rest of the world is either completely unaware AG even exisits or they are like us an know this is a complete scam

    • True scam the world might be too broad, scamming the world of naive OTC stock investors…….they just paid for a bunch of articles so some more fake news is likely brewing

  • Glad to hear all of the positive updates on the grow op and how it is progressing but I have not heard anything about the AGM sales at all. In mid-May you said the you were in talks with sports teams, medical dispensaries and casinos and there would be news concerning that in 6 weeks that would have been the end of June.
    Have there been any AGM…

    • Doug, you should let it go. If you even get a response, it will be more lies and hot air from Windbag Shearin. He has no clue about how to apply cannabis vending to dispensaries, he only knows how to churn ERBB shares on behalf of insiders. Same goes for the Phoenix grow. Read my recent Seeking Alpha writing that details the multiple other lies AG…Read More

    • Doug, please do not believe a word that ERBB says. They are just selling shares. I would dump what you own now to avoid being wiped out. They are not in talks with anyone regarding the AGM. The machines is too complicated for MJ dispensaries, the machine is not legal for alcohol distribution and they are way behind the market on pharma.…Read More

    • Larry, I would never listen to any advice you give, please do not respond to any of my future posts. To new investors, please to do not listen to Larry or Joe Miller you will regret there advice in the coming months….GO ERBB.

    • Doug, I will happily comment wherever I please, especially in situations where naive “investors” are being mislead by American Green. I truly do not understand how people can be shown absolute truths and still be in denial but then again look at who is president. As I’ve said to others, maybe instead of the infantile tantrums and childish insults,…Read More

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