• And I posted the facts.  You got sued in November, the judge made a motion against you in March.    Those are facts.

  • Michael posted an update in the group Group logo of American Green, Inc.  $ERBBAmerican Green, Inc. $ERBB 3 days ago

    Anything exciting to tell us such as how the AGM is being received, any orders for them ? How is the CBD Store orders going since the redesign? Any progress on company site updates? Just a big fan who is rooting for you guys! Erbb On!

    • Hey Michael.
      The Ultimate AGM is integrated with three manufacturers now and those three (Jojemar, AMS and Silkron) will be on the hot seat first in NYC for a news junket and then in LV for the NAMA show as has been announced. The excitement around it will only grow and for good reason. No one has done this before – merge machine tech through a…Read more

      • Mike you might consider looking into why the great Zazzz machines were a collosal failure as the new AGM has all of the same design flaws as the Zazzz.

        Simply put no one needs a vending machine with biometric scanning capabilities inside a store where you already need to get your ID checked to enter. Failure coming.

      • $850,000 in expenses for last six months and $700 in revenue….nice job AG.

      • Mike don’t believe the spin about beer, pharma, ammo either. It will never happen. Beer one is illegal and the pharam and ammo ones have existed for years.

        • Oh dear Jessica. As if that was your name and not just your gender.
          Does talking to yourself ever grow old?

          • The beauty of this forum is two fold. One: anything stated on here by AG is not protected by forward looking statements so you can’t tell your usual lies and Two: I am not talking to myself there are plenty of investors and potential investors coming here because you keep putting the link in your PRs.

            So for a company that did $700 in revenue…Read more

  • You make any form of exchange on the topic impossible by refusing to accept the facts and saying the same thing over and over. It is the very definition of insanity. It will not change anything because you repeat it. AG posted precisely what happened and you can’t accept reality. Your agenda has always been clear but your tactics get more humdrum…Read more

  • In November of last year AG had a civil suit brought against them by their previous landlord.  In March of this year the Judge issued a motion for the landlord against AG.  They have to pay $72K.     AG would like you to believe it is all a big misunderstanding, but as someone who owns commercial real estate I can tell you that is a big crock.    …Read more

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