• American Green is a confidence scam / Ponzi scheme.
    The confidence scam is the game AG insiders play teasing vending machines, grow facilities, branded products and all the other lies the company has told while having no real intention of actually producing them further than what it takes to promote ERBB. Paying for permits and posting sporadic…Read more

  • SO I read something on INvester hub. American Green. Can you comment if this is true as you are not talking on Facebook?

    lukechen817 Wednesday, 05/24/17 01:31:40 PM
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    Huge A/S increase soon guaranteed…….reading the financials and they have been giving out about 1 billion shares a month for the last…Read more

  • You have been really quiet on here. With so much good things happening one would think you would be a lot more active@erbb-ir

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