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Ultimate OTC: Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain Poll

Submit Your Votes For The Best OTC Crypto Companies

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  • AABB OTC Pink Asia Broadband, Inc.38.46%5 votes
    codySTICKYMitchMaster3El Bartman
  • ERBB OTC Pink American Green, Inc.38.46%5 votes
    AndrewMitchHangout ChrisRobertEl Bartman
  • NSAV OTC Pink Net Savings Link, Inc.38.46%5 votes
  • DIGAF OTC Pink Digatrade Financial Corp.30.77%4 votes
    2big4nycMaster3Penny PincherRobert
  • MINE OTC Pink Minerco, Inc.30.77%4 votes
    2big4nycMitchRobertEl Bartman
  • CCTL OTC Pink Coin Citadel15.38%2 votes
    Master3El Bartman
  • KGKG OTCQB Kona Gold Solutions, Inc.15.38%2 votes
    2big4nycEl Bartman
  • WRFX OTC Pink WorldFlix, Inc.15.38%2 votes
    2big4nycHangout Chris
  • TTCM OTC Pink Tautachrome Inc.7.69%1 vote
    El Bartman
  • THCT OTC Pink THC Therapeutics, Inc.7.69%1 vote
    El Bartman
  • TAUG OTCQB Tauriga Sciences, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • SWRM OTC Pink AppSwarm, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • SOLS OTC Pink Sollensys Corp.7.69%1 vote
  • MSRT OTC Pink MassRoots, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • TXTM OTC Pink ProText Mobility, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • MJNA OTC Pink Medical Marijuana, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • EPORP OTC Pink Epic Corp.7.69%1 vote
  • SING OTC Pink Singlepoint, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • VEND OTC Pink Generation Next Franchise Brands Inc7.69%1 vote
    Hangout Chris
  • (Other, Please explain in a reply thread)7.69%1 vote
    OTC Watch
  • VPOR OTC Pink Vapor Group, Inc.7.69%1 vote
  • VPER OTC Pink Viper Networks, Inc.7.69%1 vote
    El Bartman
  • VGGOF OTCQB Cryptologic Corp.0%0 votes
  • GDET OTC Pink GD Entertainment & Technology, Inc.0%0 votes
  • GBTC OTCQX Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC)0%0 votes
  • FUAPF OTC Pink Global Cannabis Applications Corp0%0 votes
  • FRMO OTC Pink FRMO Corp.0%0 votes
  • FNNGF OTC Pink Fanlogic Interactive Inc0%0 votes
  • FFTTF OTC Pink Fatfish Group Ltd.0%0 votes
  • FFRMF OTC Pink Future Farm Technologies Inc.0%0 votes
  • FERN OTC Pink Fernhill Corp.0%0 votes
  • GDLC OTCQX Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund LLC0%0 votes
  • FDMSF OTCQB Fandom Sports Media Corp.0%0 votes
  • FAVO OTC Pink Favo Realty Inc.0%0 votes
  • EWLL OTC Pink eWellness Healthcare Corp0%0 votes
  • ETKR OTC Pink Evolution Technology Resources Inc.0%0 votes
  • ETHE OTCQX Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETH)0%0 votes
  • ETCG OTCQX Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust (ETC)0%0 votes
  • XALL OTC Pink Xalles Holdings Inc.0%0 votes
  • YECO OTC Pink Yulong Eco-Materials Limited0%0 votes
  • EPOR OTC Pink Epic Corp.0%0 votes
  • EPAZ OTC Pink Epazz, Inc.0%0 votes
  • EMHTF OTCQX Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.0%0 votes
  • FDCT OTCQB FDCTech, Inc.0%0 votes
  • GPHBF OTCQB G6 Materials Corp.0%0 votes
  • GRBX OTCQB GreenBox POS0%0 votes
  • GRCV OTC Pink Grand Capital Ventures, Inc.0%0 votes
  • IQST OTC Pink iQSTEL Inc.0%0 votes
  • IPSI OTCQB Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc.0%0 votes
  • IPNFF OTCQB ImagineAR, Inc.0%0 votes
  • INVU OTCQB Investview Inc.0%0 votes
  • INTV OTCQB Integrated Ventures, Inc.0%0 votes
  • ILUS OTC Pink Ilustrato Pictures International Inc.0%0 votes
  • ICBU OTC Pink IMD Companies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • HVBTF OTCQX HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.0%0 votes
  • HUTN OTC Pink HUTN, Inc.0%0 votes
  • DSGT OTCQB DSG Global Inc0%0 votes
  • HUTMF OTCQX Hut 8 Mining Corp0%0 votes
  • HSCHF OTCQB H-Source Holdings Ltd.0%0 votes
  • HQGE OTC Pink HQ Global Education Inc.0%0 votes
  • HMMR OTCQB Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp.0%0 votes
  • HLRTF OTCQB Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd.0%0 votes
  • HLLPF OTCQB Hello Pal Intl Inc0%0 votes
  • HIPH OTC Pink American Premium Water Corporation0%0 votes
  • HIHI OTC Pink Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • GTXO OTC Pink GTX Corp.0%0 votes
  • GSPH OTC Pink Geospatial Corporation0%0 votes
  • DRWN OTC Pink A Clean Slate, Inc.0%0 votes
  • DNAXD OTC Pink DNA Brands, Inc.0%0 votes
  • DMGGF OTCQB DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc.0%0 votes
  • BLGI OTC Pink BLGI Inc.0%0 votes
  • BLDV OTC Pink Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc.0%0 votes
  • BITW OTCQX Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund0%0 votes
  • BIDCF OTCQB Blockchaink2 Corp.0%0 votes
  • BHPA OTC Pink BHPA Inc.0%0 votes
  • BFCH OTC Pink BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • BCII OTC Pink Blockchain Industries, Inc.0%0 votes
  • BCHG OTCQX Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCH)0%0 votes
  • BRKK OTC Pink BRK Inc0%0 votes
  • BBKCF OTCQB BIGG Digital Assets Inc.0%0 votes
  • ATTBF OTC Pink Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.0%0 votes
  • ATIXF OTCQB Analytixinsight Inc0%0 votes
  • ASNT OTC Pink Arias Intel Corp.0%0 votes
  • ARBKF OTC Pink Argo Blockchain Plc0%0 votes
  • APQT OTC Pink Appliqate Inc.0%0 votes
  • ALYI OTC Pink Alternet Systems, Inc.0%0 votes
  • ALPP OTCQB Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd.0%0 votes
  • AHGIF OTC Pink Alternate Health Corp.0%0 votes
  • AZASF OTCQB Arizona Silver Exploration Inc.0%0 votes
  • IRNC OTC Pink Ironclad Encryption Corporation0%0 votes
  • BRTI OTC Pink BlackRidge Technology International, Inc.0%0 votes
  • BTCS OTCQB BTCS Inc.0%0 votes
  • ZESTD OTCQB Ecoark Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • DEQI OTC Pink Direct Equity International, Inc.0%0 votes
  • DATI OTC Pink Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CYBXF OTCQB Gallagher Security Corp.0%0 votes
  • CWRK OTCQB Currencyworks Inc.0%0 votes
  • CSSI OTC Pink Costas, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CRSM OTC Pink CarSmartt, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CORG OTC Pink Cordia Corp.0%0 votes
  • COBCF OTC Pink Cobalt Blockchain Inc.0%0 votes
  • BSEG OTC Pink Big Screen Entertainment Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CNMXF OTC Pink Canamex Gold Corp.0%0 votes
  • CIIX OTC Pink, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CHIF OTC Pink China Food & Beverage Co.0%0 votes
  • CGUD OTC Pink, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CDTAF OTCQB Carl Data Solutions, Inc.0%0 votes
  • ZPAS OTCQB Zoompass Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • CBTC OTC Pink XTRA Bitcoin Inc.0%0 votes
  • BYZN OTC Pink Byzen Digital Inc.0%0 votes
  • BYSD OTC Pink Bayside Corp.0%0 votes
  • CINGF OTCQB Coinsilium Group Ltd.0%0 votes
  • ISOLF OTC Pink Isodiol International Inc.0%0 votes
  • ISWH OTC Pink ISW Holdings Inc.0%0 votes
  • ITMC OTC Pink Itoco Inc0%0 votes
  • VTXB OTC Pink Vortex Brands Co.0%0 votes
  • SODE OTC Pink Social Detention, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SNWR OTC Pink Sanwire Corp.0%0 votes
  • SNTX OTC Pink Suntex Enterprises, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SNPW OTC Pink Sun Pacific Holding Corp.0%0 votes
  • SNIPF OTC Pink Snipp Interactive Inc0%0 votes
  • SMME OTCQB SmartMetric, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SMKG OTC Pink Smart Card Marketing Systems, Inc.0%0 votes
  • VYGVF OTCQB Voyager Digital Ltd.0%0 votes
  • SQCC OTC Pink Square Chain Corp.0%0 votes
  • SFOR OTC Pink Strikeforce Technologies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SCFR OTC Pink Security First International Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SANT OTC Pink Santeon Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • SANP OTC Pink Santo Mining Corp0%0 votes
  • RVVTF OTC Pink Revive Therapeutics Ltd.0%0 votes
  • RSCI OTC Pink Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • RLLVF OTC Pink Relevium Technologies Inc.0%0 votes
  • RKFL OTCQB RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc.0%0 votes
  • RFBC OTC Pink Romana Food Brands Corp.0%0 votes
  • REFG OTC Pink Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions0%0 votes
  • SEGI OTC Pink Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • RAFA OTC Pink Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (WY)0%0 votes
  • STCC OTC Pink Sterling Consolidated Corp0%0 votes
  • SURG OTCQB Surge Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • VMNT OTC Pink Vemanti Group Inc.0%0 votes
  • VBIX OTCQB ViewBix Inc.0%0 votes
  • USTC OTC Pink USA Real Estate Holding Co0%0 votes
  • UNIV OTC Pink Universal Infotainment Systems Corp.0%0 votes
  • UMFG OTC Pink UMF Group Inc.0%0 votes
  • UCSO OTC Pink United Consortium Ltd.0%0 votes
  • UCCPF OTC Pink Upco Intl Inc.0%0 votes
  • UAMM OTC Pink UA Multimedia, Inc.0%0 votes
  • UAMA OTC Pink United American Corp.0%0 votes
  • STMDF OTC Pink StartMonday Technology Corp.0%0 votes
  • VNNYF OTCQB Vinergy Cannabis Capital Inc.0%0 votes
  • TVOG OTC Pink Turner Valley Oil & Gas, Inc.0%0 votes
  • TTTSF OTC Pink Trutrace Technologies Inc.0%0 votes
  • TSPG OTC Pink TGI Solar Power Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • TFECY OTCQB Thin Film Electronics ASA0%0 votes
  • VSMR OTC Pink Verify Smart Corp.0%0 votes
  • TAPM OTC Pink Tapinator, Inc.0%0 votes
  • TAALF OTCQX Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc.0%0 votes
  • VSQTF OTCQX Victory Square Technologies Inc0%0 votes
  • SVSN OTC Pink Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc.0%0 votes
  • TVPC OTC Pink Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.0%0 votes
  • VIVK OTC Pink Vivakor Inc.0%0 votes
  • RACMF OTCQB Loop Insights Inc.0%0 votes
  • QEBR OTC Pink Virtual Medical International, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MGTI OTC Pink MGT Capital Investments, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MFON OTCQB Mobivity Holdings Corp.0%0 votes
  • MATN OTCQB Mateon Therapeutics, Inc.0%0 votes
  • LVBX OTC Pink LevelBlox, Inc.0%0 votes
  • LTRE OTC Pink Learning Tree International, Inc.0%0 votes
  • LTCN OTCQX Grayscale Litecoin Trust (LTC)0%0 votes
  • LRSV OTC Pink Link Reservations Inc.0%0 votes
  • LMRMF OTCQB Lomiko Metals Inc.0%0 votes
  • LIGA OTC Pink LIG Assets, Inc.0%0 votes
  • WSGF OTC Pink World Series of Golf, Inc.0%0 votes
  • LIBFF OTC Pink Nova Mentis Life Sciences Corp.0%0 votes
  • ABQQ OTCQB AB INTL Group Corp.0%0 votes
  • LGIQ OTCQX LOGIQ INC.0%0 votes
  • LEAS OTC Pink Strategic Asset Leasing Inc.0%0 votes
  • LBUY OTCQB Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • KYNC OTC Pink KYN Capital Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • KPAY OTC Pink KinerjaPay Corp.0%0 votes
  • KNOS OTC Pink Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • WUHN OTC Pink Wuhan General Group (China), Inc.0%0 votes
  • JRVS OTC Pink iMine Corp.0%0 votes
  • LHGI OTC Pink Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc.0%0 votes
  • QTMM OTC Pink Quantum Materials Corp.0%0 votes
  • WRIT OTC Pink WRIT Media Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MKTY OTC Pink Mechanical Technology, Inc.0%0 votes
  • PRVCF OTCQB PreveCeutical Medical Inc.0%0 votes
  • PQEFF OTC Pink Petroteq Energy Inc.0%0 votes
  • POTN OTC Pink Potnetwork Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • PHIL OTC Pink PHI Group, Inc.0%0 votes
  • OSTBP OTCQX, Inc.0%0 votes
  • ORHB OTC Pink ORHUB, Inc.0%0 votes
  • OONEF OTCQB 01 Communique Lab Inc.0%0 votes
  • OCLN OTC Pink OriginClear, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MKTDF OTC Pink Deepmarkit Corp.0%0 votes
  • NXGB OTC Pink NxGen Brands Inc.0%0 votes
  • WELX OTC Pink Winland Holdings Corporation0%0 votes
  • NEXCF OTCQB Nextech AR Solutions Corp.0%0 votes
  • WPFH OTC Pink World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MSMY OTC Pink MC Endeavors, Inc.0%0 votes
  • MRRCF OTC Pink Wayland Group Corp.0%0 votes
  • MRNJ OTC Pink Metatron Inc0%0 votes
  • MOBQ OTCQB Mobiquity Technologies, Inc.0%0 votes
  • NTTCF OTCQB Netcents Technology Inc.0%0 votes
  • LGLOF OTC Pink Link Global Technologies Inc.0%0 votes

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Ultimate OTC: Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain Poll

Viewing 1 replies (of 11 total)
Viewing 1 replies (of 11 total)

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