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4/29/21 Penny Stock Screener

Best Company On This List

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  • SPQS
  • KATX
  • GRLF
  • WNBD
  • EWLL
  • BOTY
  • CUBV
  • TBEV
  • BSSP

This topic contains 12 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by  OTC Watch 7 months ago.

4/29/21 Penny Stock Screener

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    Bassline Productions, Inc.

    $BSSP The Company as of 2021 is now in process of seeking a merger or acquisition candidate and working to bring the Company current. Effective October 9, 2017 the PSA Agreement with Canteck Pharma, inc. was rescinded do inability to proceed with the license for Mexico that previously had focused on its immunotherapeutic based technology specific to Cancer indication.

    High Performance Beverages Co

    $TBEV High Performance Beverages Co is a holding company.

    CUBA Beverage Company

    $CUBV Cuba Beverage Company is in the process of changing its name and stock symbol.

    Good Vibrations Shoes Inc.

    $GVSI Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. a Nevada company currently operates a consultancy leveraging its expertise in business logistics.

    Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc.

    $BOTY Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. is a development stage media company focused on the development, production, promotion and distribution of original entertainment for mature audiences which we plan to make commercially available predominantly through live entertainment events, as well as through digital home video, broadcast television networks, video-on-demand and digital media channels. Our business and brand is focused on building and establishing a sports entertainment league that utilizes wrestling and mixed martial arts (“MMA”) fighting techniques together with fictional character personas, parodies of public figures and professional sporting leagues and fictional story lines for purposes of providing sports entertainment.

    eWellness Healthcare Corp

    $EWLL eWellness Healthcare Corporation is the first physical therapy telehealth company to offer real-time distance monitored treatments. Our business model is to have large-scale employers use our PHZIO system as a fully PT monitored corporate wellness program. The Company’s PHZIO home physical therapy exercise system has been designed to disrupt the $30 billion physical therapy and the $8 billion corporate wellness industries. PHZIO re-defines the way physical therapy can be delivered. Innovators in other industries have solved access, cost and quality inefficiencies through the implementation of technology platforms and business models that deliver products and services on-demand and create new economies by connecting and empowering both consumers and businesses. We have taken the same approach to solving the pervasive access, cost and quality challenges facing the current access to PT clinics. eWellness’ underlying technology platform is complex, deeply integrated and purpose-built over the past four years for the evolving PT marketplace. eWellness’ PHZIO platform is highly scalable and can support substantial growth of third party licensees. eWellness’ PHZIO platform provides for broad interconnectivity between PT practitioners and their patients, uniquely positioning the Company as a focal point in the rapidly evolving PT industry to introduce innovative, technology-based solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, post-discharge treatment plan adherence and in-home care.

    Winning Brands Corp.

    $WNBD Winning Brands Corporation owns and manages a portfolio of consumer product brands, primarily in the cleaning category. Expansion is being considered through new product ventures and is expected to represent a growing proportion of the company’s activity in the future. Winning Brands’ lead product is 1000+ Stain Remover / Spray Cleaner Concentrate. The lead retailers in the USA are Home Depot (online), Walmart (online), Amazon (online), Do-it-Best Hardware (online and in stores) and select independent hardware stores. The lead retailer in Canada is Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. Others in Canada include select locations of Home Hardware, Federated Co-op, Benjamin Moore, and other independent retailers. Winning Brands manufactures its products through its operating subsidiary, Niagara Mist Marketing Ltd. via 3rd party contracting arrangements. Most non-executive operations are performed by means of variable cost outsourced staffing instead of employees. Extensive outsourcing has enabled Winning Brands to reduce its overhead costs and gain flexibility.

    Green Leaf Innovations, Inc.

    $GRLF (Not available)

    KAT Exploration Inc.

    $KATX KAT Exploration Inc. was established as a for profit corporation in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on December 5, 2005, by Ken and Tim Stead, who are experienced in mineral exploration and prospecting. The company explores for mineral deposits in and around central and eastern Newfoundland, Canada. The principal objective of the Company is to locate, stake, prove up and sell mineral properties through out the province of Newfoundland. Also, KAT has now involved itself in the automotive sector by purchasing “The Pre-Owned Jeep Store in Carterville, Georgia.

    SportsQuest, Inc.

    $SPQS (Not available)

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