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5/12/21 Penny Stock Screener

This topic contains 11 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by  OTC Watch 6 months, 3 weeks ago.

5/12/21 Penny Stock Screener

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    eWellness Healthcare Corp

    $EWLL eWellness Healthcare Corporation is the first physical therapy telehealth company to offer real-time distance monitored treatments. Our business model is to have large-scale employers use our PHZIO system as a fully PT monitored corporate wellness program. The Company’s PHZIO home physical therapy exercise system has been designed to disrupt the $30 billion physical therapy and the $8 billion corporate wellness industries. PHZIO re-defines the way physical therapy can be delivered. Innovators in other industries have solved access, cost and quality inefficiencies through the implementation of technology platforms and business models that deliver products and services on-demand and create new economies by connecting and empowering both consumers and businesses. We have taken the same approach to solving the pervasive access, cost and quality challenges facing the current access to PT clinics. eWellness’ underlying technology platform is complex, deeply integrated and purpose-built over the past four years for the evolving PT marketplace. eWellness’ PHZIO platform is highly scalable and can support substantial growth of third party licensees. eWellness’ PHZIO platform provides for broad interconnectivity between PT practitioners and their patients, uniquely positioning the Company as a focal point in the rapidly evolving PT industry to introduce innovative, technology-based solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, post-discharge treatment plan adherence and in-home care.

    Active Health Foods, Inc.

    $AHFD (Not available)

    Halitron, Inc.

    $HAON Halitron, Inc. is an equity investment holding company. The Company is implementing an acquisition roll-up model of acquiring sales, marketing, and manufacturing businesses. Once acquired, the collective group of companies leverage the low cost and efficient infrastructure that has been created.

    Sugarmade, Inc.

    $SGMD Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB: SGMD) is a product and branding marketing company investing in operations and technologies with disruptive potential. More information on Sugarmade can be accessed at: Sugarmade sees opportunities in business operations that combine the best areas of on-demand consumer distribution with certain areas of synergistic manufacturing and packaging to create a business model that capitalizes on the many changes in the cannabis industry. The Company has made the commitment to purchase 40% of Budcars during Quarter ending March 31, 2020 and has the options to purchase controlling stake in the company. BudCars is quickly becoming a powerful presence in the California cannabis delivery marketplace. Our primary hub in Sacramento has experienced extremely rapid growth in terms of total orders, sales, daily volume, staff, and fleet. And this growth has been dynamic, robust, and sustained over the past two months. We believe this trend will continue to define our 2020 operational outcome distribution, granting us strong conviction in our aggressive revenue targets, as outlined in Sugarmade’s recent corporate communications.

    US Energy Initiatives Corporation, Inc.


    Majic Wheels Corp.

    $MJWL Majic Wheels Inc., a Delaware corporation located in Ft. Myers, Florida, is a rapidly growing company that intends to continue its growth and expansion in major US markets. The Company plans leveraging its operating division and management team to expand into additional major market sectors. The company operates the Southwest Florida Franchise of College Hunks Haul Junk and College Hunks Moving. The company’s waste management and site work division provides services that include roll off dumpster rentals, site work services, construction and foreclosure cleanup and junk removal services.

    CoroWare, Inc.

    $COWI CoroWare is in the early stage of transitioning itself into a resource reclamation company with a focus on hydrogen and carbon technologies.

    Eline Entertainment Group, Inc.

    $EEGI Eline Entertainment Group, Inc., is a company specializing in sports and entertainment production and distribution. As we expand our corporate team and offerings, we will grow through targeted, potential high net worth companies, looking for professionals in their specific industry with both prime credentials and industry longevity. We will cover a variety of media outlets ranging from live broadcasts, movies, PPV events, closed circuit simulcasts, and streaming content, as well as several other areas.

    Encounter Technologies Inc

    $ENTI Encounter Technologies, Inc. owns and operates hospitality properties in the Central and Western United States.

    Bergio International, Inc.

    $BRGO Bergio is entering into our 20th year of operations and concentrates sales on boutique, upscale jewelry stores. We currently sell our jewelry to approximately 150 independent jewelry retailers across the United States and have spent over $3 million in branding the Bergio name through tradeshows, trade advertising, national advertising and billboard advertising since launching the line in 1995. We have manufacturing control over our line as a result of having a manufacturing facility in New Jersey as well as subcontracts with facilities in Italy and Bangkok. It is our intention to establish Bergio International as a holding company for the purpose of acquiring established jewelry design and manufacturing firms who possess branded product lines. Branded product lines are products and/or collections whereby the jewelry manufacturers have established their products within the industry through advertising in consumer and trade magazines as well as possibly obtaining federally registered trademarks of their products and collections. This is in line with our strategy and belief that a brand name can create an association with innovation, design and quality which helps add value to the individual products as well as facilitate the introduction of new products. We intend to acquire design and manufacturing firms throughout the United States and Europe. If and when we pursue any potential acquisition candidates, we intend to target the top 10% of the world?s jewelry manufactures that have already created an identity and brand in the jewelry industry. We intend to locate potential candidates through our relationships in the industry and expect to structure the acquisition through the payment of cash, which will most likely be provided from third party financing, as well as our common stock but not cash generated from our operations. In the event we obtain financing from third parties for any potential acquisitions, Bergio International may agree to issue our common stock in exchange for the capital received. However, as of the date of this Current Report, we do not have any binding agreements with any potential acquisition candidates or arrangements with any third parties for financing. Principal Products and Services – We have historically sold our products directly to distributors, retailers and other wholesalers, who then in turn sell their products to consumers through retail stores. Independent retail jewelers that offer the current Bergio line are not under formal contracts and most sell competing products. Our products consist of a wide range of unique styles and designs made from precious metals such as gold, platinum and Karat gold, as well as other precious stones. We continuously innovate and change our designs based upon consumer trends and as a result of new designs being created we believe we are able to differentiate ourselves and strengthen our brands. We sell our products to our customers at price points that reflect the market price of the base material plus a markup reflecting our design fee and processing fees. Each year, most jewelry manufacturers bring new products to market. We believe that we are a trendsetter in jewelry manufacturing. As a result, we come out with a variety of products throughout the year that we believe have commercial potential to meet what we feel are new trends within the industry.

Viewing 1 replies (of 11 total)

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