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This topic contains 17 replies, has 13 voices, and was last updated by  Master3 3 weeks, 6 days ago.

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    Original Thread:

    ENZC Multiple Millionaires WILL BE MADE as ENZC's stock price APPRECIATES!!!

    Multiple Millionaires have been made and more WILL BE MADE as $ENZC‘s stock price APPRECIATES!!!


    Activities awaiting updates of what we know about:

    1. NSF and NIH applications Forthcoming
    2. Additional Funding Anytime
    3. Texas A&M University Institute for Preclinical Studies. Anytime
    4. PCAOB Audit April 2021
    5. Toxicity Study Anytime
    6. Progress on ENZC plans to further develop additional anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies and to now begin the production of fully human monoclonal antibodies targeting the CoronaVirus Anytime
    7. Status on the completion of production of monoclonal antibodies against both the HIV virus and the CoronaVirus Anytime
    8. Status of testing in combination the Enzolytics ITV-1 peptide in conjunction with our anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies. There is reason to believe that there will be synergistic effect achieved with this combination therapy. Anytime
    9. Status on the process of identifying a clinical research organization for the preparation of pre-IND protocols for submission to the FDA. Anytime
    10. GMP manufacturer Anytime
    11. Status of finalizing the necessary steps for completing the permitting process for our ITV-1 HIV/AIDS therapeutic in Bulgaria.
    12. Status of received proposals from FDA approved manufacturers to produce the quantities necessary for such certification. Under Review
    13. Results of testing of the newly produced monoclonal antibodies. This includes testing of our now being produced recombinant anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies created from the parent antibody. Such testing is now scheduled for early 2021 at the University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. Additional testing of the Company’s antibodies is also being planned at San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy.
    14. Acquisition Anytime
    15. Status of collaborative opportunities with other drug development companies to expand our product reach. Forthcoming
    16. Gilead Relationship to ENZC
    17. Eli Lily Relationship toENZC
    18. Immunome Relationship to ENZC

    There will be other updates of activities we don’t know about however based on the processes of Biotechnologies companies one can surmise what these could possibly be. Anytime

    Remember two things.

    First and foremost CHARLES is in Charge

    Second and very important from the Press Release dated October 19, 2020:

    All of our steps are taken with two objectives in mind. First our focus is on creating successful therapeutics against infectious diseases, including HIV and now our focus on the Coronavirus. Secondly, our efforts are also intended to increase the value of our technology and the value of our company – which directly translates into value for our investors. Please know that these are our two guiding objectives with every effort we make.

    SPRING is in the Air


Viewing 17 replies (of 17 total)

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