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    The social media gang directed us to a question that was basically:
    Heyo, American Green, I hear on forums that there is a lawsuit? What can you tell us?
    March 15

    There was a court proceeding, not a lawsuit, but no need to split hairs. Thank you is an understatement to the fine people who brought it to the attention of the company. The court action arose out of coincidences that Hollywood couldn’t entertain…as real. It started when the previous landlord’s bankruptcy caused four month’s rent to disappear (now accounted for) and ended with the company moving out not knowing of a perceived balance. The plaintiff did what any company would do and when finally able to interface, they also did what any real company would do. They gave credit and were fair. And AG matched that move and the situation, so far as anyone here can tell, was never actually a situation. :)
    Either way, history. :not-one-care:

    • So you found out you owed them money and did not pay so they had to drag you into court? Ridiculous.

      • Not sure how you managed that summary from the post. But glad to know you cared enough to try to read and comprehend it! As the posts says, the company discovered (having never been called or contacted) that there was a balance. They brought information to light that greatly reduced that balance and it is satisfied. Straight forward and professional. Not sure what is ridiculous about that , but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Have a good night!

        • You had a motion against you filed by the Judge on March 2. The case was brought in Nov. just another lie. Good try though.

        • AG lets see you got notified you were being sued in November. The judge files a motion against you in March yet you claim it was all a misunderstanding? If it was why did you not pay them in November when they brought the suit?

          You might want to think your lies through a little more clearly before spewing them out.

          • You might want to think.
            If you did, you would recognize that AG paid what it believed to be owed, has paid what was agreed to, and it is fair and legal history. Done deal. Enough already.

            • AG paid what it owed after a motion by the judge. You would have paid in November and not wait for court to issue a ruling. Typical.