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    Is this for dogs or cats @erbb-ir ?

    CBD Pet Tincture-1oz bottle – American Green CBD

    This Cannabidiol (CBD) liquid pet tincture is the perfect cure to helping your pet stay happy, active, and calm. This product contains 180mg CBD and is 100% organic. Apply oil directly into mouth via syringe provided or apply to food. Make take 24-48 hours to see results.

    • Hey Chris. It is my understanding that the tincture’s intended purpose is for both dogs and cats. Many people have reported that similar products have had a dynamic effect on their furry friends. I don’t have a pet so can’t say from personal experience, but the pet market for CBD appears to be growing and the AG products are sourced and made with…Read more

      • Why did you get sued and lose?

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        • Haha. A post was just put up regarding that which you don’t know about. Which seems to be vast.
          Besides getting the story completely wrong young padowan, you managed to drop it in the entirely wrong location and completely out of context.
          But keep trying. Everyone needs something to laugh at and you Jess (are you Laura Ferguson’s…Read more

          • Um, the proof is there. You got sued. You lost. End of story.

            • In the absence of contact, they filed. Once contacted AG paid the accurate charge. Everybody won, nobody lost, nothing negative transpired.
              What’s your point and please lay off the dead horse. Beating it more won’t change reality.

              • Wrong, on March 2 the judge made a judgement against American Green and you had to pay lawyer fees along with what you owed them. This is not called paying once you were contacted.

  • Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: $RMHB), is a fully reporting consumer goods company specializing in hemp-infused food and beverage products and naturally high alkaline water. The company was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

    On March 2nd 2017, RMHB announced that it entered into a contract for over $800,000 with…Read more

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