• You have been really quiet on here. With so much good things happening one would think you would be a lot more active@erbb-ir

  • Michael posted an update in the group Group logo of American Green, Inc.  $ERBBAmerican Green, Inc. $ERBB 1 week, 2 days ago

    Choo Choo …All aboard The American Green Revenue train. Next stop CBD store sales,AGM on every corner and a revenue beasting Grow Op! Thankful to be part of the shareholder community @erbb-ir

    • For the time being at least we can look forward to revenue from retail operations. Interested in knowing how much has been made so far on the CBD Store. Honestly, not even sure how $ERBB is finding the time to run the store, sell the machines, and prepare for the grow opp. In addition to getting a butt load of media coverage! @erbb-ir @hemp-hemp-h…Read more

    • You don’t actually believe they are doing any of that do you? They have no intention of selling anything, because that costs money and the money they want to keep for themselves.

  • Michael posted a new activity comment 2 weeks ago

    Give us Revenue ! CBD store sales and AGM on every corner. And of course a operational grow facility . Great times ahead for American Green and us shareholders! ERBB On!@erbb-ir

  • Chatter about a R\S is making rounds again and was asked about on the company Facebook page, Say No!@erbb-ir

    • @erbb-ir . they will eventually, it is their history, their share structure is extremely bloated and they will be needing to add a few more billion shares soon to meet their debenture requirements

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