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    NASCAR’s Quiet-Car Proposal… Really? Millennials should Stick to Stomping Divots! – EmergingGrowth.com

    I received this article from a friend and frankly I was outraged. Going up around NASCAR and other motor sports, I figured NASCAR would be the last to sell out. Click to visit to the original article. The noise level at your average NASCAR race hovers at around 100 decibels, which is akin to a …

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    Trump’s New Device Ban on Airplanes: What You Need to Know

    The United States is about to introduce sudden travel restrictions on flights from Middle Eastern countries, preventing passengers on certain flights from carrying laptops and other electronic devices on board with them. The news came as a surprise on Monday night and, since the Trump Administration has yet to formally announce how this will work, travelers are struggling to make sense of exactly what is going on.

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    The Unicorn List 2016

    Fortune’s list of unicorn startups is ranked by valuation. (Where there are ties, rankings are based on alphabetical order.) The list is based on a combination of data from PitchBook, CB Insights, news reports, and our own investigation.

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    Todd Sonoga

    Micro-Cap IPO underway. Are you or someone you know intersted in participating in a limited IPO listing on the OTC-QB? This is a Registered Stock Offering and Shares will be Free Trading. The IPO is…

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