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OTC WATCH is the fastest growing Penny Stock Social Media site online. Our community is based on engaged members using our feature-rich platform to exchange trading ideas and communicate more efficiently. The purpose of the section is to outline the features on our platform and show you how to communicate with other traders on our site.

Features Overview

@ Mentions

You can use “@” to mention or tag any user any where on OTC WATCH . Simply type the “@” sign and a list of users will populate, allowing you to mention them in your content.

@ Mentions

# Tagging

You can use “#” to generate tags any where on OTC WATCH . Simply type the “#” sign and type a tag. You can find all items that contain a particular tag by clicking on that tag.

# Tagging

$ Tagging

You can use the “$” to tag a stock you are mentioning. Simply type the “$” in front of any ticker you are referring to and our site will create a link to that stock. *Note stocks will not populate when tag is added, but will link after content is submitted.

$ Tagging

You can also add “$” tags to forum content. At the bottom of every topic creation or reply you will see a text box that says ” Topic Tags”, simple add your “$” tags here. *Note you can also add other tags using “#“, or by simply typing words, characters, or phrases. Just make sure you separate them with a comma “,”.

Example: $XOXO, #coolstock, coolstock, Gr8Stocks, etc.


Use our built in emoji s to add flavor to your content. Emoji s can be added to any post or forum topic. You can also use them in Private Messages and All Chat Rooms.*


Forum Posting

OTC WATCH has over 10,000 OTC company forums to post in. For a complete list of current forums go here.

Stock Discussion Board

Topics Users can create new topics are reply to topics in any company or group forum.

@” Mentions Users can mention any member in topics and forums.

$” tagging Users can add custom tags in the topic tags input field in any topic or reply. These tags will be used to help members locate your content when looking for new trading ideas.

Stock Polls Each company profile has a Stock Poll. Simply click “Bullish” or “Bearish” to vote.

Stock Polls

Subscriptions Users can also opt in to receive every post and update for a particular company by clicking “Subscribe” under the Poll.

Attachments Users can add attachments to any topic or topic reply. Simply click ” Select File” and upload. By Clicking “Insert into content” the attachment/s will be added into the actual post. Any File type is supported (CSV, PDF, dox, videos, etc.)

Stock Attachment

Live Chat

OTC WATCH allows you to communicate with other members in Real-Time. To enter site-wide chat simply go to When in a chat session you can: Upload pictures, Use Emoji s and upload any files. To initiate a private chat simply click the member in the section to the right. Type a intro message and the member will be notified you wish to chat with them. If they accept your private chat will be opened in a new tab in the chat box. If a member wishes to private chat with you, you will receive a pop-up message allowing you to “accept”, “deny” or “ignore” that member.

Stock Chat

Group Chat– Any group can have its own chat if enabled by the group admin or moderator.

Company Forum Chat– All companies on OTC WATCH have their own chat rooms built into their profiles.